March 4, 2022

Ukraine And The Self-Destruction of The West

"Unfortunately, any faith in Western collective reason has evaporated. At the same time, Kissinger’s nightmare, the rapprochement between Russia and China, is apparently materializing. Much of the responsibility for this rapprochement, which includes closer military and political ties, lies with Western leaders." - Andrei Tsygankov, "From Dominance to Self-Destruction of the West?" September 10, 2019, Valdai Club.

"And this half-nuthouse, half-den for gangsters, thieves, and swindlers, is run by a jester. A professional jester. A clown. That's what Ukraine looks like right now. It's been reduced to this. . . . Among the entire Ukrainian political elite, there's not a single person who hasn't betrayed or deceived somebody multiple times. They all used to betray, sell, buy, and deceive each other. That's the current Ukrainian elite. And it's led by a clown, who's absolutely impotent, who makes decisions based on what his advisors tell him. He doesn't understand what he does." - Yaakov Kedmi, from a TV appearance in Russia in June 2019. Kedmi is a Russian-Israeli public figure who served in the Israeli government in the 1990s. 

"Russia has the largest land area of any nation on earth, the biggest piece of real estate. All the natural resources. You can collateralize any credit that the state wants to emit to build infrastructure and make new markets. And this is slowly beginning to happen. And I think people are beginning to understand. Russia is sitting on the crown jewel of the planet, of the world." - American researcher and historian F. William Engdahl, from an interview he gave at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June 2016.

Ukraine is not a serious country under its current, U.S.-installed leadership. It perhaps never was. 

Similar to Afghanistan, three decades of massive corruption has rotted away the Ukrainian state's capabilities and social capital. 

Neither country's political elite has been able to build a functioning state in the wake of the collapse of its predecessor Soviet regimes.

As we saw last summer in Kabul, a country without a strong, honourable, and loyal military is not a country at all but just a collection of tribes that can be divided and ruled.

Since Putin's invasion there have been several instances of Ukrainian military units surrendering en masse to Russia. They are good soldiers but they don't want to die for the corrupt thieves who have seized their country illegally. 

The regime in Kiev has had to resort to arming civilians, mercenaries, neo-Nazis, criminals, foreign adventurers. The situation is real bad. A healthy, normal, and self-respecting government wouldn't even dream about empowering such people no matter how desperate it gets.

Ukraine's political leaders are acting like a gang of shameless crooks because that is what they are. Lying comes natural to them. The airhead Zelensky will say and do anything to save himself at this point. He will tell the most absurd lie to get NATO militarily involved.

Ukraine may have nothing to lose, but NATO does.

A war with Russia in its backyard will lead to mutual economic destruction for Europe and Russia. 

And that outcome is considered a good thing in the Davos circle.

Since economic sabotage of Western economies is one of the long-term goals of the deranged Western elite, a war with Russia might just be what the doctor ordered.

We have to remember that the people who brought about Covid-19 are not rational actors. They have divorced themselves from Western civilization and from the laws of mankind. 

Acting as unelected gods of the earth, they want to destroy the world by any means necessary, whether through wars, plagues, or economic collapse. And they think their conscience is clear because they believe they are saving the planet.