March 13, 2022

Napoleon, Nazis, And NATO

"Hitler was confident that he was different from Napoleon and would not make the same mistake. But he made exactly the same mistake. Why? He was not serious in studying the enemy and believed that he was better than the enemy." - An editorial from the Korean newspaper The Dong-a Ilbo titled, "Mistakes made by Hitler and Napoleon" March 10, 2020.

It was clear from the beginning of Putin's invasion last month that Ukraine and its NATO sponsors have no appetite for a conventional war with Russia.

Washington and Brussels basically threw up their hands and said war is off the table.

The leaders of Ukraine and the West resorted to psychological operations and economic warfare to tarnish Russia's image and put pressure on its economy.

Now, there is talk of guerrilla war.

Numerous articles and tweets have called for a massive, continent-fueled insurgency in Ukraine against the Russian occupiers.

On March 2nd, Stavros Atlamazoglou wrote for the Business Insider in an article called, "Ukrainian special operators may soon be putting years of secretive training from the US to use against Russia":

US and Western special-operations forces have worked extensively with the Ukrainian military in the years since, setting up commando units, training them, and preparing them to wage a guerrilla campaign against an occupying force.

Some people, like the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have the fantasy that Ukraine will be Afghanistan 2.0 for the Russians. But engaging the Russian military on its traditional turf, in regions that are historically and presently pro-Russian, will not go well for the insurgents. 

In the 1980s, the godless Soviet Union came up against a newly awakened and civilizational religious force. It was fighting Muslims across mountains and borders in an insurgency financed by the world's economic superpower. 

In Ukraine, a new Russia, a Christian Russia, a revitalized Russia, is going to war against the ghosts of WWII backed by an alliance which itself ran away from Afghanistan in defeat after two decades of fruitless occupation.

The two situations are completely different.

Russia's main enemies in Ukraine are not pious zealots but Nazi remnants and foreign mercenaries who can't help but alienate the local citizens of every town and city they get holed up in. Their ideological impulses and political fanaticism betray their military skills. 

History and recent events show that the Ukrainian resistance is not morally fit to govern. Their actions against the Donbass since 2014 speak to their character. They are irrational and merciless killers who would carry out a genocide against Ukraine's Russian population if given the chance.

How can they win an insurgency when their solutions to political, economic, and cultural problems is mass murder? 

What is so special about NATO training anyways? What have NATO trained insurgents and armies achieved? Absolutely nothing. Not in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, not anywhere. 

They fight cowardly. Their military doctrine justifies the use of human shields. They target civilians as a matter of strategy. It must be remembered that Operation Gladio revolved around the murder of innocent civilians in public spaces far removed from any war front.

Despite all its propaganda, NATO is a glorified global gang of drug runners and arms dealers who are always looking for the next victim.

In guerrilla campaigns in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, U.S., NATO, and Western military advisors taught clueless Islamic terrorists to kill and spread terror through car bombs and assassinations, but their training stopped there. 

NATO taught them how to do terrorism but not how to wage warfare. They were treated as a means to an end, and the same is true for Ukraine's resistance movement.

They would've been better off fighting Russia without NATO in their ears.