March 19, 2022

Irving On The Rogue Churchill

The above map is Hitler's map of the invasion of South America. It was a British forgery. Churchill wanted to terrify America into war against Nazi Germany. The production of fake news and fake documents was one part of his plan.

Churchill's repeated provocations, traps, and false flag schemes failed to divert Hitler's attention towards the United States. But ultimately that didn't matter because when the British and American establishments want a war they get it.

"Sir William Stephenson, you remember the man they called Intrepid, the head of the British Secret Service in the United States. Sir William Stephenson had been feeding fake documents to Roosevelt through the intelligence service of the OSS, William Donovan. Big Bill, Wild Bill Donovan, the head of the OSS, the man we ourselves had appointed as the head of the American secret service, an extraordinary coincidence you might think. We were feeding documents to him to feed on to Roosevelt proving that Hitler was about to invade South America. " - British author David Irving (9:05 - 9:43 in the video below).