January 4, 2022

The Covid Madness And The Global Gulag

“Do not let a leader lead you on a bad path.” — Confucius.

"How is it possible to paralyze with fear billions of people with fabricated and lurid stories about a killer pandemic into giving up their basic rights en masse and submitting to being treated like farm animals? Simple – you control their inputs via the mainstream media. Ordinary people are not called “the masses” for nothing – they are largely ignorant, stupid and gullible, that’s why, instead of seeking to educate themselves about what is really going on, they fritter their lives away watching soaps, video games and following the lives of celebrities etc. By owning and controlling their favorite media, you control their limited thought processes and they are susceptible to any propaganda. Basically, by the skillful use of propaganda you can get the masses, who are about 70% of the population, to do anything you want, and they can then exert peer group pressure on more thoughtful individuals to conform, a classic and glaring example being the wearing of face masks, which is State sanctioned collective paranoia, and if that doesn’t work they are forced to conform and wear them by means of fines or imprisonment." - Clive P. Maund, "Welcome To The Global Gulag" August 16, 2020.

"It is a play about power. The play is basically about the misuse of power. . . See, power can't operate that way unless there's paranoia. Power is going to defend you against the enemy. If you don't believe in the enemy then you don't believe in the power.

So the primary object of the politicians in these cases is to scare the daylights out of the people, which is what we've been living through for a good number of years now." - American playwright Arthur Miller (6:15 - 7:03 in this interview).

The Covid-19 craze began two years ago with the most overwhelming propaganda campaign in human history. It was globally coordinated on a scale never before possible. Governments of the world were given a script and followed it to the letter.

The 9/11 cover story was likewise followed to the T by world leaders, but, unlike 9/11, the covid fraud has empowered all governments, not just those in the West. 

Western democracies and Eastern despotisms alike have treated their populations like mindless cattle, scaring them into submission.

Psychological warfare has been employed by the Canadian government against Canadian citizens. And that's probably true for everywhere else.

The whole world has come under the most sinister of plagues - the plague of fear.

Fear is a powerful motivator. Governments have attacked the job security of their citizens, making people choose between starving or submitting. 

But they didn't just target the pocketbook. The most basic of rights, the right to life, has been fundamentally undermined.

Anyone who questions the existence of Covid-19 is publicly humiliated and shamed. Covid-19 dissidents are dehumanized and excluded from public and professional life. 

And it has been quite easy to get people to comply to absurd rules and curfews. Governments didn't need to do much. They just got the ball rolling. 

We have participated in this charade, some of us against our will, with the hope that restrictions would eventually be lifted and society would return to normal. 

But what if that is not the case? What if the Covid madness is simply a practice run for a real pandemic in our near future? 

The idea of a pandemic is embedded deep within the historical consciousness of humanity. 

The Black Death and the Spanish Flu are taught in grade school in social studies classes. 

Pestilence is one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

We know the dangers of plagues. We know viruses adapt and spread. We know nature has a mind of its own.

So it didn't require any brilliant or innovative propaganda technique on the part of governments to scare the people about a new global virus. 

All they had to do was flip a switch. 

Whether the corona virus is real or not is besides the point. If enough people believe it's real then it's real. Facts and science have nothing to do with it. Organized mass trauma is the stuff of religion, of unquestioning belief.

And who gets to decide what is real and what is not real has the power to make the people who don't believe disappear, whether electronically or physically. 

Today, the disbelievers are eliminated and purged on the internet, but tomorrow they will be put in prison camps and shot to death. 

That is where the road of tyranny always ends.