December 9, 2021

The Failures of The West And Islam In Afghanistan, Part I

China and Russia are vilified in the press, even accused of genocides, but their foreign policies have not contributed to mass human suffering in this century. 

Western governments and their Muslim allies, specifically Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, are responsible for the mass migration of refugees, ethnic cleansing campaigns of minorities, mass starvation, state collapse, resource theft, terrorism, assassinations of civic leaders, and economic ruin. 

Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan have been destroyed and turned into hell because of them. 

Washington's democracy experiment in Afghanistan collapsed as soon as it withdrew, just as it has in Iraq where corrupt tribes and religious militias call the shots. 

There is not a single statesmen in Iraq, nor was there one in Afghanistan. Just a bunch of small-minded rats who steal from the state and the people. They have no dignity.

Washington also has no dignity. Instead of admitting defeat in Afghanistan the psychopaths in Washington continue to use their financial muscle to torment the country by freezing its money and preventing economic assistance from reaching its desperate people.

How did a superpower stoop so low?

Rather than kill Taliban leaders and obliterate their bases with their high-tech weapons the American military spend twenty years targeting schools, funerals, and weddings. 

And now they want to punish common Afghans for losing a war they fought badly.

A nationwide famine is on the horizon, and the Taliban wolves are in no hurry to feed their sheep.

But blaming the Taliban is short-sighted. It is a tumour that grew out of the policies of heartless Western and Muslim countries. 

Both Pakistan and Iran have been bad neighbours who have exploited Afghanistan and its people. They view Afghans as nothing more than cannon fodder.

Just as America did in the 1980s.

So make no mistake. The West and the world of Islam have inflicted this sad fate on Afghanistan. They sacrificed the country to ensure the Soviet Union's defeat and then falsely accused it of harboring the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks. 

Afghanistan was punished twice. 

And now it is being punished a third time.