December 20, 2021

Khan And Biden Cast Shade On The Afghans

Pakistan and the United States have brought Afghanistan to this disaster. They are responsible for the crisis in that country. 

But the shameless and ignorant leaders in Washington and Islamabad are desperately trying to whitewash history and deflect blame towards the Afghans themselves. 

Biden blames the Afghans for the Taliban’s swift victory in the wake of his cowardly surrender.  And Khan blames the Pashtuns, Afghanistan's largest ethnic group, for the Taliban’s rise in the first place. 

At an Islamic conference over the weekend Khan tried to lecture the world about Afghanistan's culture, belittling it in a colonial manner. He falsely attributed the Taliban’s anti-education policy for women to native Pashtun tribal customs. 

Khan and the Pakistani deep state want the world to quickly forget that the Taliban grew out of Pakistan's Islamic schools.

Both Khan and Biden want to dissociate their own government's destructive role in Afghanistan's downward slide from a safe and productive country in the late 1970s to the drug-infested starving hellhole it is today.

If Washington and Islamabad didn't intervene in Afghanistan in the 70s and 80s then the Taliban would have never come into being. A less extreme and more malleable Islamic insurgency would have come to dominant the countryside to throw out the Soviets. 

Sure, Afghan resistance to Soviet occupation would not have ended as quickly or as triumphantly since American weapons were the critical factor, but there is no question Afghanistan would be more stable, free, and prosperous today if America and Pakistan minded their own business.

They pursued their geopolitical ambitions, with the goal of humbling the Soviets, but they have been humbled even more.

At least the Russians knew when to admit defeat. Can America say the same?

Afghanistan has a longer history than Pakistan and America combined. These criminal morons wanted to play God in Afghanistan, and reestablish colonialism in the name of fighting terrorism. But America failed and Pakistan will fail too.