November 4, 2021

Afghanistan Descends Into A Failed Terrorist State

"Kabul bleeds as State collapse is imposed on Afg before handing it over to terrorist syndicate. Millions are IDPs, have lost livelihood and face the challenge of daily sustenance. So far no concrete plan for UN monitored  humanitarian intervention to  prevent the catastrophe." - Former Pakistan Senator Afrasiab Khattak.

Afghanistan's transformation from a failed state under NATO supervision to a failed terrorist state under Pakistan's hegemony is almost complete.

Long bank lines three months ago are now long bread lines. Afghans hurried to the borders in August to escape the Taliban, they now do so out of hunger.

Afghanistan is on the verge of mass starvation, claims The Washington Post.

"In September and October," Courtney Vinopal writes in Quartz, "nearly 19 million people in Afghanistan experienced food insecurity at either a crisis or emergency level, representing 47% of the country’s population, according to the UN report."

The U.S., Pakistan, and the Arab monarchies bear a lot of the blame for Afghanistan's fate. They fed the demons of hate, and introduced a viral strain of Islam into Afghanistan to further their own ends. They used and discarded Afghanistan like it was nothing.

But they are not the only countries that bear responsibility for the ongoing humanitarian disaster.

India and Iran, as Afghanistan's ancient neighbours, have failed the country in its hour of critical need. 

After the capture of Kabul by the Taliban they left their former anti-Taliban allies, led by Ahmad Massoud, to wither away. 

As a result of their cowardice Pakistan has emerged emboldened and ready to reshape the country to its liking.

Spearheaded by its Taliban functionaries, Pakistan is injecting its ideological poison fully into Afghan society by rewriting the education curriculum. They want to raise a terror state with which to batter India and other nations.

It will take multiple generations before any sense of peace is restored in Afghanistan. And the fight to save it will go through Islamabad, a reality that Washington either didn't want to admit or have the stomach for. 

America and the West had the luxury to walk away. But India and Iran are not afforded that same benefit. They must act now and punish Pakistan for its crimes, or risk terrorism at its hands for many years to come.