September 29, 2021

Pakistan Is A Nuclear Rogue State, Part 1: The 1999 Kargil War

An excerpt from, "Report: India, Pakistan Were Near Nuclear War in '99" by Alan Sipress and Thomas E. Ricks, The Washington Post, May 15, 2002:

Pakistan was preparing to possibly fire nuclear weapons during a 1999 border conflict with India, moving the countries closer to nuclear war than was commonly known at the time, according to a new article by President Bill Clinton's chief White House adviser on South Asia.

Bruce O. Riedel, a senior director on the Clinton administration's National Security Council, reports that U.S. intelligence had developed "disturbing evidence that the Pakistanis were preparing their nuclear arsenals for possible deployment." This information came as India was seeking to turn back an incursion by Pakistani-backed forces in the disputed territory of Kashmir, with heavy casualties, and as both sides mobilized for an all-out war.

Title: Bruce Riedel: U.S. Presidents Since JFK Have Dealt with Crises in Pakistan and India. Source: Brookings Institution. Date Posted: March 25, 2013.