September 18, 2021

Greater And Lesser Terrorists

The "good" guys.

The "bad" guys.

"History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme." - Mark Twain.

In the global effort to legitimize Taliban rule in Afghanistan a new phantom of terror has been conjured into existence that calls into question the paradigm of the war on terror itself.

The group, given the name of the Islamic State of Khorasan, or ISIS-K, is undoubtedly another project of the ISI and CIA. 

Both Washington and Islamabad benefit politically by presenting the Taliban as the local Afghan solution to this new bogeyman which, we're told, has ambitions far beyond Afghanistan's borders and the means to achieve them.

By hyping up this new terror threat, Washington can feel better about leaving the Taliban in charge in Afghanistan because at least they don't pose a threat to Western security interests. 

The Taliban are the lesser terrorists

In this new arrangement the Taliban can be politically rehabilitated without any deep reflection about how Afghanistan got into this mess. 

The new monster is at the door, and questions about the Taliban’s character are unwelcome because as the new guards they're the only thing standing between order and complete anarchy in Afghanistan.


The Taliban were once the greater terrorists, at least for the immediate weeks following the 9/11 attacks. 

But instead of tracking and killing Taliban leaders the American military let them get away into Pakistan. They still had to look tough so they began rounding up innocent bystanders and clueless villagers who were taken to Guantanamo on baseless charges and dressed up to the world as terrorists.

None of this was shocking at the time or now.

If we look at history, back to the start of the Cold War and even before, the West and political Islam have been joined at the hip.

Washington gifted Global Jihad its two biggest victories in the 21st century. The first was 9/11, and the second is the Taliban’s spellbinding victory 20 years later.

Without the U.S. and its allies like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Islamic terrorism wouldn't exist. That is a fact that can't be denied by either Washington think tanks or Islamic seminaries.

The American and British empires gave birth to radical Islamic movements across the Muslim world, like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the pan-Islamists in Afghanistan, as part of a broader regional plan to mobilize Islamic populations against the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War. 

And they obviously succeeded. Communism was defeated. But Muslims have paid the ultimate price for the American victory, especially the Muslims of Afghanistan.

Over time, the Western utilization of Islamic terrorist movements has led to the establishment of three radical Islamic Republics in Pakistan, Iran, and now Afghanistan. 

The British creation of Pakistan was their final crime against India. Instead of exiting South Asia gracefully, London left behind a ticking time bomb. It purposefully created a weak and unstable country with no common traits other than religion and no basis in history.

The Pakistani bomb hasn't gone off yet because Washington has played the role of bomb squad in the country since the end of WWII, preventing its economic and societal collapse. 

And although they like to keep it a secret, it is a fact of history that the deep states in London and Washington helped the Ayatollahs of Iran come to power

The origins of the three terror republics in Tehran, Kabul, and Islamabad can all be attributed to the American and British empires.

And that doesn't even cover five percent of their criminality. We can't forget their endless support for the barbaric Arab monarchies which fund terrorism, or the mayhem they've unleashed in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen in the name of democracy.

Every Islamist terror outfit, every high profile terrorist attack, including the recent one at the Kabul Airport last month, has their fingerprints on it.

Washington and London are the gods of Islamic terrorism. They are the greatest terrorists.