October 16, 2016

Mosul Operation Coincides With U.S. Presidential Election

LOL @ the poor stupid Iraqis.

Their leaders got suckered by a British con man selling them fake bomb detectors and they still use them to this day because they're either too corrupt or too embarrassed to admit their lethal mistake.

They can't patrol their streets properly, and they can't defend their people because they don't have control over when they go to war.

They go to war when America says so, when it is in Washington's own narrow and selfish interests, not when it is most strategic, appropriate, and wise for the nations and peoples of Iraq.

ISIS should have never been given Mosul in the first place. This battle didn't need to happen if the Iraqi government and the U.S. government did their jobs right.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians could have been living peacefully in their homes had they been guided by more intelligent leaders. It also hasn't helped that the country is in the grips of four unfriendly foreign powers (USA, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey).

No country survives once it has been captured by foreign hands. Right now Iraqis are slaves of the American presidential election.

The only reason they're attacking Mosul now is because America is choosing a new moron to be president and the current moron needs to go out on a high to sell his fake leadership to the American people and reap the rewards later with book deals and nonsensical speeches.

What a sad state of affairs for both countries.

Video Title: Iraqi Army Is Getting Ready to Recapture Mosul From Islamic State. Source: wochit News. Date Published: October 16, 2016.

Video Title: Weapons on the move for Mosul push. Source: Reuters. Date Published: October 15, 2016.