September 3, 2016

Another Example of The Media's Mild Coverage of Turkey's Criminal Invasion of Syria

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The New York Times described Turkey's criminal invasion of Syria as a "plunge." Now, Reuters is saying they are merely "crossing into" Syria with their tanks.

Would they describe Russian tanks invading Ukraine in the same way? Definitely not.

The crime of aggression is the most serious of offenses. But when a NATO country is guilty of this crime then it doesn't matter according to the criminal Western media.

Ever since the U.S. invaded Afghanistan and Iraq based on false pretexts the crime of aggression has been ignored. It seems like this crime no longer matters in international relations.

It's a wild jungle now. Rules no longer apply. Might makes right.

If that's the case, and if rules no longer apply, then why should only NATO countries and U.S. allies enjoy this liberty? 

The Houthis and their allies in Yemen should invade Saudi Arabia and treat the disease at the source.

The YPG and PKK should coordinate their attacks on Turkey and its Jihadist proxies both inside Turkey and outside it.

Israel should invade and attack any country that protects or assists terrorists.

Iran should invade Afghanistan and work with native forces to end the NATO protected drug trade.

India should invade Pakistan and join hands with Baloch separatists to destroy its corrupt army for good.

Russia should invade Ukraine and replace its stupid and obnoxious regime.

Video Title: Turkish tanks cross into Syria. Source: Reuters. Date Published: September 3, 2016.