August 26, 2016

To Hell With NATO, ISIS, And The Ottomans - Genocides Will Not Be Repeated

NATO gangster and Ottoman thug, the protectors of ISIS, to Kurds, Syriac Christians, Assyrians, moderate Arabs, and the minorities in Syria: lay down and die.

Biden and Erdogan can go to hell along with their ISIS/Daesh buddies. 

The Americans and Turks are living in the wrong century. They are stuck in time, back when slavery and genocides were ordinary things. But in this century genocides will not be repeated. Not at their hands, not at anyone's hands.

For over half a decade they have allowed ISIS to grow without considering the destructive effects. They have nurtured, trained, and parented a generation of scum that believes all infidels must be killed.

But so far they have only directed their venom against Shiites, Kurds, Christians, minorities like the Ezidis, and moderate Muslims, not Turks, not Americans, not Israelis, not Saudis, not the bastards in Qatar and other kingdoms in the Persian Gulf.

The vile governments of these nations believe they can control this monster that they have unleashed. But it will be NATO, the Saudis, the Israelis, and the Ottomans who will be hurt the most by this dangerous policy.

NATO is a dying beast. It is a tool of oppression and aggression. The Ottomans can try to resurrect a dead corpse all they want but they will fail in Syria. The U.S. can try to prop up their ISIS project for as long as they can, but they too will fail in the end.  

An excerpt from, "A Century of Silence" by Raffl Khatchadourian, The New Yorker, January 5, 2015: 
There was no real reckoning for the perpetrators of the genocide; many of them helped build the modern Turkish republic, founded in 1923. The violence may have been over, but its animating ideology persisted. As İsmet İnönü, the President of Turkey from 1938 to 1950, said, “Our duty is to make Turks out of all the non-Turks within the Turkish country, no matter what. We will cut out and throw away any element that will oppose Turks and Turkishness.” The state cut away Armenians from its history. At the ruins of Ani, an ancient Armenian city near the country’s northeastern border, there was no mention of who built or inhabited it. In Istanbul, no mention of who designed the Dolmabahçe Palace, once home to sultans. This policy of erasure was called “Turkification,” and its reach extended to geography: my grandfather’s birthplace, known since the days of Timur as Jabakhchour (“diffuse water”), was renamed Bingöl (“a thousand lakes”). By a law enacted in 1934, his surname, Khatchadourian (“given by the cross”), was changed to Özakdemir (“pure white iron”).

As the villagers fled to Diyarbakir from the surrounding areas, it became a Kurdish city. In time, the Diyarbakir Kurds began to recognize that their role in the genocide was a kind of original sin in their modern political history. “I remember this one Armenian priest,” Demirbaş told me. “A Kurd was insulting him, and this priest told him, ‘We were the breakfast for them, you will be the lunch. Don’t forget.’ And that was important for me.”
An excerpt from, "In Memory Of The 50 Million Victims Of The Orthodox Christian Holocaust" by Reverend Father Raphael Moore,, October 1999:
During 1894-1923 the Ottoman Empire conducted a policy of Genocide of the Christian population living within its extensive territory. The Sultan, Abdul Hamid, first put forth an official governmental policy of genocide against the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire in 1894.

Systematic massacres took place in 1894-1896 when Abdul savagely killed 300,000 Armenians throughout the provinces. Massacres recurred, and in 1909 government troops killed, in the towns of Adana alone, over 20,000 Christian Armenians.

When WW1 broke out the The Ottoman Empire was ruled by the "Young Turk" dictatorship which allied itself with Germany. Turkish government decided to eliminate the whole of the Christian population of Greeks, Armenians, Syrians and Nestorians. The government slogan, "Turkey for the Turks", served to encourage Turkish civilians on a policy of ethnic cleansing.

The next step of the Armenian Genocide began on 24 April 1915 with the mass arrest, and ultimate murder, of religious, political and intellectual leaders in Constantinople and elsewhere in the empire. Then, in every Armenian community, a carefully planned Genocide unfolded: Arrest of clergy and other prominent persons, disarmament of the population and Armenian soldiers serving in the Ottoman army, segregation and public execution of leaders and able-bodied men, and the deportation to the deserts of the remaining Armenian women, children and elderly. Renowned historian Arnold Toynbee wrote that "the crime was concerted very systematically for there is evidence of identical procedure from over fifty places."

The Genocide started from the border districts and seacoasts, and worked inland to the most remote hamlets. Over 1.5 million Armenian Christians, including over 4,000 bishops and priests, were killed in this step of the Genocide.
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