August 29, 2016

The War In Syria Is About Israel/Palestine

The war in Syria has nothing to do with overthrowing a dictator, democracy, human rights, freedom, or anything of that sort. The truth is that Syrians are bleeding and dying by the hundreds of thousands because Iran, Assad and Hezbollah want to continue to wage their war on Israel and liberate Palestine.

Syria is a key chess piece for them in a much greater war. It is a link in a chain. As Nasrallah recently said in an interview, the war against Syria via ISIS and other Jihadist proxies backed by the U.S. and NATO is Israel's revenge for Hezbollah's victory in the summer of 2006.

Israel decided that since it couldn't defeat Hezbollah conventionally it would help train, fund, arm, and direct tens of thousands of suicide bombers and terrorists to destroy her enemies from within, starting in Syria.

Both sides of this war are pursuing very vile and evil policies at the expense of peace, security, and prosperity for the peoples they're supposedly leading.

What does the liberation of Palestine do for the minorities in the north of Syria who have become ISIS's target, or for average Syrians in Aleppo and Damascus who just want to live a normal and productive life? Why must the peoples of Syria and other countries suffer for Palestinians to be free when Palestinians themselves could care less about the freedom of these peoples?

Why are Palestinians considered more holy than Syrians, Kurds, Syriac Christians, Assyrians, Ezidis, etc?

The leaders of Syria, Hezbollah and Iran have a lot to answer for, as do the leaders of Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and America who continue to believe that funding, training, and arming ISIS is a brilliant idea.

The big losers of this needless war have been the peoples of Syria. Hundreds of thousands have died. Millions more have been made refugees. Children and women have been taken captive by ISIS terrorists, to be sold and used as they see fit. Cities have been destroyed. The country has been hollowed out. Ancient artifacts have been either stolen or destroyed.

And is Palestine more free today than it was in 2011 when this war went into full swing? Is Israel in greater danger today of being conquered by Muslims?

The answer is no.

Israel has not suffered. Israelis live in safety. They are not living under ISIS terror. Muslims have suffered the most at the hands of ISIS. That fact must never be forgotten.

But Muslims must be honest with themselves.

Their disunity has harmed them immensely. Their enmity towards Israel and irrational refusal to recognize its existence among the family of nations has only brought them destruction and despair. Their leaders have abused their gullibility by directing blame for every fault in their societies at Zionists. Their oppression of the Kurds has provided America and Israel with a dagger to be used against them at will and then put back in their pocket for later use.

It is safe to say that Israel and America have won this round by making ISIS a political, social, geographical, and religious presence on the map of the Middle East. The Jihadist terrorist state they have given birth to will remain a menace in the region for years and years to come. 

And it would not have been possible without the services of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, and Qatar.