August 15, 2016

Secret Service Confirm Hillary Is Sick

An excerpt from, "Hillary Clinton Medical Records Leaked: Fact or Fiction?" By Charisse Van Horn, Inquisitr, August 15, 2016:
According to a new Rasmussen poll, people want Hillary Clinton to release her medical records. Some people are so convinced that Hillary Clinton is sick and dying, they’re using the hashtag #illary Clinton instead of Hillary. At this point, it might be the best way to quiet the rumors and stop the questions. Hillary Clinton has been seen in positions that make her appear old and weak. Is she really coughing nonstop? Is she suffering from a chronic cough or hyperthyroidism? Does she really have long-lasting damage from her previous brain injury? Are Hillary Clinton’s leaked medical records fact or fiction? What do you think?
Video Title:  SECRET SERVICE CONFRIM HILLARY IS SICK. Source: The Alex Jones Channel. Date Published: August 15, 2016. Description:
Infowars has sources that confirm that Hillary Clinton is sick and her condition could be even worse than what the public suspects.