August 24, 2016

Russian Politician Zhirinovsky On The Myth of The People Ruling In Western Democracies And Socialist Regimes

This guy is gold. It's no wonder he's so popular in Russia. His speeches are full of gems. He has great humour. Some ridiculous people call him the Russian Trump for his antics and speaking style but that's not a fair comparison because he possesses a much greater intellect and has a very deep understanding of geopolitics, history, economics, the wars in the Middle East, etc.

"When and where did the people decide anything? Was it the people of Britain who decided to eavesdrop conversations of Russian president in 2009? But they eavesdropped! What about people of Britain? They were silent, they don't know anything about it. The people deciding . . .! Was it people of America deciding to bomb Syria in near future? Stop your demagogy here. The people have never and nowhere had decided anything. And never will decide. Don't cover behind the people! You ruled for 73 years on behalf of people.

When you were preoccupied with terror for 73 years, and it turns out that the people were ruling us! The people were ruling! It is monstrous, all this! Soviet POWs returned from captivity and you sent them to prisons! America awarded them! Britain! France! They carried them on their hands. Those prisoners from German camps.  . But you sent them all to your own Gulag! And still they talking about people! About people!" -  Vladimir Zhirinovsky, from the video below.

Video Title: Russian Politician Zhirinovsky speaks about history of communism (English subs). Source: Zahinho. Date Published: April 16, 2014. Description: 
Communists made Zhirinovsky angry again by criticizing the ruling party ''United Russia'' and his party LDPR. So he talks about Carl Marx, communism. Also, touches geopolitics, and other particial matters.
Speech in Duma on: 18/06/1013.