August 21, 2016

Plight of Balochistan in focus again

 Geography, culture, language, and history will reassert themselves in South Asia. Everyone now recognizes that Pakistan should have never been created in the first place.

Neither the hypocritical Muslim world nor the Western left, who can't stop talking about the human rights violations of the Palestinian people, are interested in the horrible situation of the Baloch people because their oppressors are self-styled Muslims. 

But anyone with objective eyes can see that the record of atrocities by these arrogant Pakistani Muslims against their neighbours, particularly the Baloch people, is much worse than that of the Zionists since WWII.

An excerpt from, "Genocide In Balochistan: Why Pakistan Must Pay The Price" By Abhishek Dwivedi, Swarajyamag, March 24, 2015:
In July 2007, when the province of Balochistan in Pakistan was suffering from an aftermath of the cyclone ‘Yemyin’, the Pakistan government refused to accept foreign help and aid for the Baloch areas. While Pakistan proclaimed that the provincial government was capable and equipped to deal with the disaster, reliable reports that emerged from the region informed of the lack of hospitals, roads, food and water in the region.

The real intention behind the unexpected refusal was to hide the systematic negligence, mass killings and atrocities that have been a regular affair in the region. With foreign aid, the region would have been exposed to international aid workers and observers, something Pakistan never wanted. Yemyin Cyclone is just an example. The inhumane negligence Pakistan has subjected the region to, coupled with the state-led genocide and atrocities shocks every notion of collective humanity.

The Baloch genocide is neither new nor founded on the experience Pakistan faced in Bangladesh. It stems from the time when India and Pakistan emerged from British India. Balochistan, called Kalat State then, being secular, resisted its accession to the Islamist Pakistan. Since then, it has been in resistance against Pakistan as it was forcefully occupied under the orders of Jinnah. In fact, their resistance to Pakistani occupation and suppression was more firm and decisive than Bangla (East Pakistan) people who decided to secede only after the failure of a political solution after 1970 elections.

Lt. Gen. Tikka Khan was, in fact, appointed as the Martial Law Administrator and charged with Military suppression of Bangladesh because of his reputation as “Butcher of Balochistan” which he acquired after leading a barbaric and ruthless military campaign to crush Baloch nationalists in 1970. However, while the situation in Balochistan has been grim since 1947, it received less attention of the world leaders as compared to Bangladesh in 1971 due to successful media blackout enforced by Pakistan.
Video Title: Plight of Balochistan in focus again. Source: Balochistan Channel. Date Published: August 20, 2016. Description:
The plight of Balochistan often struggling to find space in International headlines came to focus again after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentions it in his Independence speech. As Baloch people welcomed Prime Minister Modi's speech Pakistan came under severe pressure and invited Baloch leaders for talks. The region which is yet to taste the fruits of development has been fighting for freedom from Islamabad and wants it to share the benefits of its natural resources.

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