August 15, 2016

People Of Balochistan And PoK Thanks PM Modi

The final disintegration of Pakistan is coming. Source of photo.

An excerpt from, "Indian PM Modi's Balochistan comments upset Pakistan" By Shamil Shams, DW, August 15, 2016:
In his Independence Day speech, Indian PM Narendra Modi accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism and committing rights abuses in its Balochistan province. Will his remarks help or sabotage the Baloch separatist movement?

While Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held India responsible for the ongoing violence in Kashmir in his Independence Day speech on August 14, Indian Premier Narendra Modi retaliated by pointing out to Pakistani oppression in the western Balochistan province in his August 15 speech.
An excerpt from, "What can India Do About Pakistan?" By Shyam Saran, The Wire, August 25, 2015:
India must dispense with the implicit anxiety that the disintegration of Pakistan or its descent into chaos,will confront India with an existential crisis. Whether Pakistan descends into chaos or disintegrates will depend upon what its people want and how the domestic political dynamic plays itself out in the country. India is mostly irrelevant in this regard. To refrain from imposing penalties on Pakistan’s rulers for fear of stoking chaos, is a flawed proposition. Is it not strange that Pakistan’s fragility is advertised as a mitigating circumstance even while its resilience and survivability is lauded by one analyst after another? Pakistan is often said to be suicidal but it has always shown a remarkable willingness to cut deals which ensure its survival and maintain the privileges of its self-entitled elite. We should be clear that we are dealing with a state that is coldly calculating in its pursuit of its declared interests.
Video Title:  People Of Balochistan And PoK Thanks PM Modi. Source: India Today. Date Published: August 15, 2016.

Video Title: The Quint: Baloch Leaders Thanks Modi for Backing Their ‘Freedom’ Struggle. Source: The Quint. Date Published: August 15, 2016.