August 18, 2016

ISIS is the demon child of the new Middle East

ISIS is the demon child of the new Middle East that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice talked about. And it is a very well-fed child because its adopted parents are very rich.

The openly stated policy of the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel has been to use this demented child to overthrow the regime in Syria in order to curtail the influence of Iran in the Arab world and isolate Hezbollah.

They have never hid their intentions or their plan to use Jihadist terrorism to achieve their political ends in Syria. It might not be spelled out in bold headlines in newspapers, but if you dig you can find the quotes.

Everyone now knows ISIS has been a useful regime change tool for the Obama administration and its allies in the region. Supporting ISIS is a natural course of action for these regimes, especially Israel and Saudi Arabia whose hatred of Iran's Islamic regime exceeds their fear of ISIS. Their manipulation of the group for strategic purposes has not worked out as planned, but they will not let go of their aim to destroy the regime, whatever the costs.

An excerpt from, "There Are Worse Things Than the Status Quo" By Fred Kaplan, Slate, July 24, 2006:
And, by the way, just what is thi "new Middle East" that Rice sees rousing in its "birth pangs"? Is it really better than the creature of old? Does she think it's a sibling of the peaceful, tolerant, democratic Middle East that her president believed would rise up in the wake of Saddam Hussein's collapse? That toddler didn't turn out so well. Is there any sign that the pangs of Lebanon might produce a gentler kid than the pangs of Iraq? If there is a new Middle East on the horizon, it's more likely to bear crescent arcs and hidden imams. It's not a creation that any Western diplomat should be "pushing forward." Its potential emergence provides still more reason to contain all violent outbursts as quickly as possible, not to let them run their course.
Video Title: "No ISIS if we didn't invade Iraq": David Kilcullen interview. Source: Channel 4 News. Date Published: March 1, 2016. Description: 
David Kilcullen is a former counter-insurgency adviser to the US military in Iraq who helped plan the 2007 "surge".