August 31, 2016

9 Ways Donald Trump Is A Sociopath

What's happening in U.S. politics is very sad, and scary. The American people deserve better than Trump and Clinton. Both candidates undermine the dignity of the country.

Both have treated the American people with disrespect. Both demonize their political enemies and accuse their critics of treason. Clinton goes further, and kills them.

Neither candidate is a great orator, which is the number one skill needed in a good President. Clinton can barely get her words out without falling over, and Trump chooses his words very poorly. In one of his victory speeches he bragged about getting the votes of the less educated. Who the hell says something like that? What a buffoon. The guy is totally nuts.

Both are literally sick in the head. It's medically provable.

Trump should be given back his old TV show, and Clinton should be put in a nursing home.

Given these two horrible choices, a vacant White House would be the best outcome of the election in November.

How did it reach this depressing point?

Over the years a lot of political talent has been stifled or turned off by the Republican and Democratic establishments who wouldn't be able to exist in a competitive political environment. Under their control the political debate has been kept within very narrow and shallow limits, and that has proved to be too suffocating.

Trump came along and exploited this situation. However pure his motivations are, it's obvious he is not a solution, but a symptom of the problem.

The need for a third, fourth, and fifth political party, a free media, and open debates, couldn't be any clearer in this election cycle. The majority of the American people understand this, and so they will demand new political parties.

Maybe Trump and Clinton will have served a purpose after all.

Video Title: 9 Ways Donald Trump Is A Sociopath. Source: The Rational National. Date Published: August 4, 2016. Description: 
Is Donald Trump a sociopath? Here are 9 ways in which he displays sociopathic behaviour.