July 21, 2016

U.S.-Led Anti-ISIS Joke Coalition Snubs Kurds At Major Political Conference In DC; Foreign Policy Wisdom From Donald Trump; Proof That Coup Plotters In Turkey Were More Nuts Than They Appeared

The U.S. will back stab the Kurds as they have in the past. Snubbing them at this major political conference is only one example of their record of treachery. Those who have studied history know that the devils who rule in Washington don't keep their word with people they consider to be militarily useful but politically expendable. There are so many instances. In 2011 they used the Al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya to squash Gaddafi, calling them rebels, but when their objectives were met they immediately went back to calling them terrorists and targeting them in airstrikes.

The U.S.-led anti-ISIS joke of a coalition will use the YPG and Peshmerga to roll back ISIS, but, in the end, when the time comes for negotiations and politics, they'll pretend that they don't even exist. They'll credit the battlefield victories to the Gulf-backed Arab racists in the Syrian opposition, who have made no contribution to defeating ISIS, as well as the Iran-backed Shiite sectarian government in Baghdad, whose policies have only created resentment and discord in Iraqi society since the illegal US invasion in 2003. 

An excerpt from, "Transcript: Donald Trump on NATO, Turkey’s Coup Attempt and the World" The New York Times, July 21, 2016:
TRUMP: I’m only saying this. We’re spending money, and if you’re talking about trade, we’re losing a tremendous amount of money, according to many stats, $800 billion a year on trade. So we are spending a fortune on military in order to lose $800 billion. That doesn’t sound like it’s smart to me. Just so you understand though, totally on the record, this is not 40 years ago. We are not the same country and the world is not the same world. Our country owes right now $19 trillion, going to $21 trillion very quickly because of the omnibus budget that was passed, which is incredible. We don’t have the luxury of doing what we used to do; we don’t have the luxury, and it is a luxury. We need other people to reimburse us much more substantially than they are giving right now because we are only paying for a fraction of the cost.
Trump is speaking words of wisdom in this interview. But the evil press still portrays him as an idiot who doesn't understand the world, NATO, or US foreign policy. But the stats, facts, and figures that Trump regularly cites speak for themselves.

U.S. leaders should focus on rebuilding their own broken country, not the broken Middle East. Donald Trump gained popularity because he catered to American interests and concerns, not the desires of foreign lobbies, the corrupt interests of the military-industrial complex, and stupid fantasies of world hegemony. The leaders of North Korea and Russia respect Trump because they see in him a sane and logical leader who is not out for war. 

An excerpt from, "Turkish coupists planned to charge Erdogan with overly gentle treatment of Kurds – report" RT, July 21, 2016:
The document that was addressed to chief public prosecutor’s office in Inegol, Bursa province, accused the Turkish leadership of “supporting” the Kurdistan Workers' Party, (PKK), considered terrorist in Turkey.

In particular, it accused Erdogan, Interior Minister Efkan Ala, National Intelligence Organization chief Hakan Fidan, provincial governors as well as former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and former deputy prime ministers Besir Atalay and Yalcin Akdogan of conducting peace talks with the PKK leadership between 2009 and 2015.

The charges against Erdogan seem to be ironic as the Turkish president has on a number of occasions promised to “neutralize” the Kurds after a two and a half year ceasefire between the PKK and Ankara was shattered last July, which led to a massive army crackdown in the southeast of the country.
The militarization of the ethnic conflict in Turkey has done the country no good for several decades. The fact that the pro-coup plotters would've doubled down on a failed policy against the Kurds and the PKK, and prosecute the war even more harshly than Erdogan has, shows that Erdogan remaining in power saved Turkey from greater disasters.

As hard as it is to stomach, Erdogan is the lesser evil in Turkey. The CIA-backed Gulenists who wanted to take over the country are more Islamic, more anti-Russian, more anti-Kurdish, more anti-Syrian, and more pro-war. They would've done more damage to Turkey and its relationships with the Kurds, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, you know, all the people in their neighbourhood.

Erdogan has shown the ability to compromise with the PKK in the past, and continues to make peaceful gestures towards his neighbours. Turkey under his totalitarian rule will be a nightmare, but at least he has inclinations to sit down and make peace with his enemies.