July 18, 2016

The CIA's House Imam And The Battle For Turkey

There are house imams and field imams. There is no doubt that the CIA-protected Turkish imam Fethullah Gulen is a house imam. "That's the Sharia man, the CIA's sharia man" says whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. When the sharia man, the house imam, was in trouble in 1999 he fled Turkey and ran to Big Daddy America for protection. He has operated his cult from his base in Pennsylvania ever since.

An excerpt from, "What is Fethullah Gülen’s real mission?" By Osman Softic, Open Democracy, February 6, 2014:
It is quite possible that the US may try to take advantage of parallel state structures formed by Gülen supporters in order to destabilize the AKP government and perhaps force a change of leadership at the helm of the Turkish Government, hoping that the new AKP leader will be a more reliable partner.

Unlike Erdoğan, with his serious assault on Israeli policies in the past, Gülen has cultivated close relations with Israel and members of the Jewish lobby in America, sharply criticizing the flotilla Mavi Marmara when its activists tried to forcefully deliver aid to the people of the besieged Gaza. Gülen warned that such action should not have taken place without obtaining prior approval from the Israeli authorities.

Erdoğan’s success and ability to create an economically strong and prosperous Turkey as well as his resolute stance in advancing an authentic and independent foreign policy, seem already to have caused serious concerns in Washington and Israel. So it would not be so surprising if Gülen’s Hizmet infrastructure were to be identified as a suitable mechanism to bring about a change of direction in Turkish politics. Gülen’s “empire of fear” as recently referred to by Erdoğan, could well have been specifically chosen for imposing a recycled secularist model on Turkey by the most hegemonic of global powers.
An excerpt from Sibel Edmonds' interview on Corbett Report's "Behind the CIA's Failed Coup in Turkey: Was It Only a Dry Run?"
"Erdogan, for the past three years, has justifiably been trying to clean house. Because, as we have received, this is documented fact, a certain percentage of military has been infiltrated by the CIA-Gulen network, a very large percentage of Turkish police force. And this is over a 20-25 years period. They have infiltrated. Same thing with the courts. And every time he attempted, he being Erdogan, even with facts and evidence, rounding up this people and removing them from their positions, that was used, especially by the Western media and the extension of the Gulen network, including many media organizations in Turkey that are still under the control of the Gulen movement, as bad PR. 'He [Erdogan] is being a dictator, look at this, he is removing secular thinking people from the military because he wants to bring Sharia law.' Now, the real Sharia law actor for the CIA happens to be Mullah Gulen, the man who lives in the United States and gets to be everyday more powerful. A man who is taking hundreds of US elected representatives to fancy schmancy expensive trips, a man who goes and builds madrassas around the world. That's the Sharia man, the CIA's sharia man, accusing Erdogan of being a dictator." - Sibel Edmonds [16:25 - 18:25].