July 15, 2016

The Attack In France

Importing the Wahhabiyyah doctrine from Saudi Arabia, invading secular Arab nations based on fabrications, arming terrorist groups like ISIS to wreak havoc in the Middle East, recruiting figures like Bin Laden to create a cult following among naive Muslims, and allowing uncontrolled mass migration have produced disastrous effects for Western countries.

But the corrupt governments and sick leaders don't seem to mind at all. They are fine with this situation because it gives them more power and authority. They even encourage, and occasionally stage terror attacks to justify their illegal power grabs.

Source - The Angry Arab
Regarding Nice: the Saudi regime insisted on opening a new mosque in Nice.  I don't support the bigotry of the French people who don't want mosques but whenever the Saudi regime (or any GCC member) sponsors a mosque, it will be sending clerics trained in Saudi Arabia and will send the literature of hate of Wahhabiyyah.  The global Islam was free and democratic in that Muslims were able to fashion their own version of Islam in Indonesia or Morocco or China.  Islam is not allowed to develop freely and democratically according to community standards: the Saudi regime (obsessed with the possibility of free debate within Islam) has been insisting since the 1970s (especially since the death of Nasser who presented a secular, progressive and feminist sponsor of a different kind of Islam) on controlling Islam worldwide.  The rise of the Iranian revolution only intensified Saudi desire to control Islam worldwide.  There are people who were taken to court in the US for promoting hatred and violence because they carried within the mosque or the Islamic center free literature of hate and fanaticism which were provided to them by the Saudi embassy in Washington, DC.  Western obsession with the alliance with Saudi Arabia (rooted on factors that are purely non-benevolent and economic) have frustrated the efforts against terrorism in the world.  The rise of ISIS and Nustrah didn't come out of a vacuum: not only there was the radicalizing factors of Western invasions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria but Saudi regime and its allies in the region have been producing messages of hate and takfir the likes of which we have not seen in centuries really.  Islam has been turned into a kooky doctrine at the hands of the Wahhabi clerics: look at the book above: this is a Saudi religious study of football and whether it adheres in its rules to Islamic law and the book carries the stamp of approval of senior Saudi cleric.  On Nice: the man hailed from a town in Tunisia which has been visited in the last few years alone, as I read today, by those Salafite clerics: Muhammad Al-`Arifi, Al-Masri, and Nabil Al-`Awadi of Kuwait.  Saudi regime sends messengers of hate around the world to ensure that the interpretation of Islam adheres to the kooky, fanatical, hateful, and misogynistic standards of Wahhabiyyah.  How long will it take before Western governments realize the obvious?    Having said that, it is becoming clear that recent acts of terrorism in Western countries have been undertaken by petty criminals, thieves, and robbers: and those people find that the Wahhabi doctrine (shared by ISIS and the Saudi regime) is the ultimate act of defiance against the Western world.  The more Western media and governments insist on connecting those acts to "Islam" (as in Islam the central office of the religion, as if there is one) the kooks out there who happen to be Muslim will also connect their otherwise non-religious criminality to a religion, which thereby rationalize their deeds. This is what has been happening in Syria for over three years now. Western governments AND WESTERN CORESPONDENTS IN BEIRUT have romanticized rebels who we now know are nothing but ISIS or Al-Qa`idah or their affiliates.
Source - Moon of Alabama:
Now the French president Hollande said he would reintroduce a state of emergency and call up troops to patrol the street. But both measures have been in place for the last months and obviously could not prevent such an attack. Hollande also vowed to intensify attacks on the Islamic State. But it is France' and its allies' support for "moderate rebels" in Syria what keeps al-Qaeda in Syria and the Islamic State alive.

The United States, like France, does not fight al-Qaeda in Syria. Weapons it provides to "moderate rebels" in Syria are used in coordinated attacks with al-Qaeda against the Syrian government. Indeed its proxy war for "regime change" against Syria depends on al-Qaeda storm troopers