July 19, 2016

Effigy of CIA's House Imam Hanged In Turkey; CIA-Mossad-Saudi Backed Brainless Terrorists Behead Palestinian Kid In Syria; Erdogan Shifts Turkey Eastward

This will be Gulen's fate if the CIA decides to release him to Erdogan.

Video Title: Gulen effigy hanged, Turkish flags & fire at Taksim square as Erdogan supporters hail coup failure. Source: RT. Date Published: July 18, 2016. Description:
Thousands of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s supporters gathered on Istanbul’s central Taksim Square to celebrate the failure of Friday night's military coup. The demonstration featured flag waving, the chanting of pro-government slogans, songs praising Erdogan and Islamic chants. An effigy of Fettullah Gulen, a Turkish cleric living in US and the person that Erdogan and his government have charged with orchestrating the coup, was hanged on the square.

Angry Arab:
a "moderate" Syrian rebel group beheads a Palestinian child 
There is a video circulating of a beheading of a Palestinian child by a group categorized as "moderate" (the Nur Ad-Din Zanaki group) after accusing the child of serving the Asad regime. Even some Palestinians who support the "revolution" are outraged.
An excerpt from, "Coup Defeat Hastens Change In Turkey's Foreign Policy" By b, Moon of Alabama, July 19, 2016:
Someone used the coup trouble to off the top Turkish ISIS contact. How very convenient. This is the only reported casualty at the presidential palace I have heard of. Who might have had an interest in removing this witness of Turkish relations with ISIS? Could this be some "cleaning the record" before making nice again with Syria and its allies? There is a second data-point that might have such a motive. The Erdogan government is now accusing "G├╝lenists" for the trouble with Russia and claims that the pilot who shot down a Russian jet also took part in the coup. Another person that stands in the way of better relations with Russia is thereby now imprisoned and moved out of the diplomatic picture.

That Erdogan turns away from "west" and towards Iran and Russia does not yet mean peace for Syria. It will take a while for Erdogan to fully come around. It will be difficult and take months to neutralize all the fanatic proxy forces Turkey introduced to the battlefield. There will be resistance in Turkey against leaving Syria alone. Some of the Syrian "moderate rebels" will turn their wrath against Turkey itself as the Islamic State has already done. The U.S. will of course also continue to intervene no matter what. Over all though this change of attitude in Ankara is welcome news for Damascus.