April 11, 2016

Former Indian Spy Chief: "Pakistan has a Balochistan obsession"; Russian Report Documents Turkey's Arms Shipments To ISIS; Western Elite's Crusade Against Secular Nationalists Is In Line With ISIS's Genocidal Aims

Full Spectrum Terrorism: NATO in the air and ISIS on the ground. Both transnational death cults will be destroyed intellectually, politically, and militarily, but not before they unleash even more mass carnage, genocidal terrorism, and destruction in the name of Islam and humanitarianism.

An excerpt from, "Q&A: ‘Pak is having a rough time in Balochistan…’" By Namrata Biji Ahuja, Deccan Chronicle, April 9, 2016:
Pakistan has a Balochistan obsession. It is not recent; it’s an old thing. They have a serious problem in Balochistan. I do a lot of Track II dialogue and I met some of these Baloch boys and they are very critical of Pakistan. They openly talk about disappearances and other things. So Pakistan is having a rough time in Balochistan. When you are having a rough time, you want to blame somebody else for it. The easiest thing is to blame the R&AW and India. It is all a figment of their imagination. That we would be in contact with Baloch leaders is a legitimate part of diplomacy, leave alone whatever the R&AW does. There is nothing wrong with that. As far as spies go or espionage goes, that is also an acknowledged part of statecraft. There is nothing new in that.
An excerpt from, "Second Russian intelligence report on Turkey’s current assistance to Daesh" Voltaire Network, April 9, 2016:
Between 11 and 21 January 2016, Turkish intelligence officers supplied Jabhat al-Sham terrorists with 7.62mm and 12.7mm ammunition and with rounds for RPG-7 grenade launchers. The cargo was transferred across the Turkish-Syrian border, in the area of Kizilcat (540 km south-east of Ankara), to a fighters’ camp in the province of Latakia. Some of the weapons and ammunition received were subsequently sold by field commanders to ISIL representatives (in exchange for petroleum products, food and tangible assets).

On 25 January 2016, the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms financed a shipment of equipment and food (approximately 55 tons) to ISIL terrorists. The union of fraternal societies and foundations of Turkey was responsible was forming the convoy. The “humanitarian cargo” travelled through the Yayladağı border crossing (530 km south-east of Ankara, Hatay province) to the Bayırbucak district. Earlier, in July 2015, the Foundation assisted The Association for Human Rights and Solidarity for the Oppressed in transferring over 177 tons of military cargo to the north of Syria.

Smuggling explosives and industrial chemicals to terrorist groups operating in Syria is also usually organized from Turkish territory, through border crossings in the vicinity of Reyhanlı (Turkey), Azaz (Syria), Al-Qamishli (Syria) and Jarablus (Syria). Waterways, particularly the Euphrates River, are often used to transport large consignments of explosive components: nitroglycerine, ammonium nitrate, gunpowder and trinitrotoluene (TNT).
An excerpt from, "Terror Bombing in Brussels and Paris: Europe’s “Islamist Legionnaires” Come Home to Fight" By Prof. James Petras, Global Research, April 8, 2016:
Ever since the US-EU policymakers decided to implement a war against Arab and West Asian secular nationalism in the Middle-East, Afghanistan, Iran and North Africa through serial ‘regime change’ campaigns they have relied on Islamist Salafist mercenaries and volunteers to do most of the killing on the ground, while the West operates from the air.  Washington and its NATO allies operated on the assumption that they could use and then discard their recruits, mostly from marginalized urban youth and criminal gangs, once they had served imperial military purposes.  A few with requisite talent and ruthlessness could be turned into puppet ‘leaders’ to unleash on the Russians and other ‘obstacles’ in future engagements.

The EU-US totally misunderstood the volunteers’ high level of independence, their organizational autonomy and their own understanding of the tactical nature of their alliance with Western imperialism.  Islamist extremist leaders, like their Western counterparts, believe there are no permanent alliances – only permanent interests.

The EU and US have pursued a policy of overthrowing independent Muslim and secular Arab nations and returning them to the status of pre-independence semi-colonies.  The rollback policy against secular nationalism (with its deep roots in the Dulles era) has extended from North Africa, through the Middle East to Southwest Asia. For its part, ISIS and its allies envision a return to a pre-colonial Islamic caliphate over the same lands and people to counter Western imperialism.  Millions are caught in the middle.