March 8, 2016

Washington Is Repeating False Saudi Claims Regarding Yemen

To the Saudis, the Houthis are nothing more than an "Iranian" proxy. To the hypocritical regimes of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, the Kurds are carrying out a "Zionist/Western" project whose gains against ISIS are helping to partition the fanciful "Muslim Ummah." To ISIS terrorists, Assad is a "Russian/Iranian" puppet with no popular constituency or army of his own.

Do any of these cry babies bother to investigate the grievances, histories, track records, and alliances of their enemies before spouting their bullshit propaganda?

And why the hell is Washington repeating false Saudi claims?

The party is over. Yemen is lost. The Titanic is sinking in Arabia. Washington should get on the boats now before it's too late.

An excerpt from, "U.S. Central Command Promotes The War On Yemen Where Al-Qaeda Is The Only Winner" by b, Moon of Alabama, March 7, 2016:
The U.S. not only continues to whitewash the Saudi crimes but is still actively propagandizing and reinforcing the false Saudi claim that Iran is in cahoots with the Houthis. I have yet to see even one picture from the war in Yemen that shows any Iranian weapon or munition. There are lots of pictures though that show Houthis using weapons they pilfered from incompetent Saudi troops or their proxies.
Someone bought 2,000 old AK47s and some RPGs, maybe in Iraq or elsewhere in the Gulf, to sell them in Somalia. That makes sense. There is an ongoing civil war in Somalia and selling weapons there has little risk.
There is zero evidence for that claim that these are weapons from Iran on their way to Yemen. Indeed the circumstances as reported by the Australians seem to make that unlikely. But the CNN report, from which the above is taken, is headlined Weapons seized by Australia may have come from Iran, intended for Houthis thus supporting the false Saudi claims.

Yemen is flooded with weapons. The Saudi have several times dropped thousands of new weapons to their proxy forces in south Yemen. Many of those weapons were seized by the Houthis and those that reached the Saudi proxies were immediately sold off to the highest bidder. Every modern assault rifle one might think of is available in Sanaa's weapon markets. Why would anyone ship old AK47 to Yemen where even the poorest households already have better weapons?

The war in Yemen can not be won by the Saudis or their proxies on the ground. The mercenary company Blackwater/Xe had been hired to provide a battalion of foreign fighters. These tried to capture Taiz from the Houthis but were routed. They were pulled out after taking too many casualties. Now the Saudis spend another $3 billion and hired Dyncorp to provide more cannon fodder. There is no way the Saudis or their mercenaries can win the war and no sane reason to give them any further support.