March 16, 2016


Title: THE REAL TRUTH OF ISLAM: William Federer. Source: Fellowship Church. Date Published: October 13, 2014. Description: 
Noted Author and Historian William Federer is the host of "American Minute," heard on radio stations nationwide. He is also host of television's "Faith In History!"

In this video message, Mr. Federer gives us a very brief look at the history and founding of the Islamic religion, and reveals many of the incredible 'Islamic' events that shaped the history of Christianity, Western Civilization, and the United States of America itself!

From the 'Dark Ages, Slavery, Columbus discovering America, The Renaissance and The Reformation of the Church,' Islam's attempt to conquer the world has led to many historic events! This is one message you really want to watch, and then seek to learn even more!
"Did you know Syria was the first country to completely be Christian? It was evangelized by the apostle Paul, and the Antioch Syria is where the name Christian was invented. And the Syrian Christians evangelized East like the Greeks and Romans did West. And so the Syrians evangelized into Persia, India, Mongolia. Even China during the Tang dynasty had a thriving Syrian Christian community that lasted all the way to the Yuan dynasty after Kublai Khan.

But it was largely wiped out by a Muslim leader named Tamerlane that killed 17 million people and wiped out the Church through Central Asia like ISIS driving out the Christians out of Syria and Iraq. And there is more ancient Christian writing in the Syrian language of Syriac than any other language other than Greek and Latin. And these Syrian Christians invented the hospitals, they invented universities, even before the Italians did. But, in the year 638 A.D., the Muslim Caliph Umar invaded Syria and began to conquer it." - William Federer [23:23 - 24:27].