March 10, 2016

The "Moderate Rebels" Are "Moderately" Using Chemical Weapons In Syria

Only losers and terrorists build, maintain, and use weapons of mass destruction.

From Churchill to Saddam to ISIS, the go-to weapon against Kurds has always been chemical weapons. It's tough to say which bully used chemical weapons more barbarically and primitively, but ISIS definitely is an amateur so far.

ISIS could, and most likely will, enhance its capabilities under Western, NATO, and GCC supervision, and unleash industrial-scale mass death via chemical weapons on its opponents like the Kurds, the Syrian army, and Hezbollah in the not too distant future.

It is clear that as long as the West maintains its dominance over the Middle East chemical weapons will continue to be used on the region's many battlefields, whether directly by Western governments or by their regional proxies like ISIS, Saddam, Erdogan, Israel, the Saudis, or whomever takes their place in the years to come. 

An excerpt from, "“Moderate Rebels” Use Yellow Phosphorus on Kurds in Aleppo" By Craig Murray, March 9, 2016:
Cameron’s “moderate rebels” – Saudi supplied Wahhabi jihadists – have this past 48 hours been bombing civilian areas of Aleppo with yellow phosphorus. The BBC, which went to such extraordinary lengths to fake reports of chemical attacks by Assad, has not reported these genuine chemical attacks at all. Probably because it is too difficult to explain not just why Cameron’s allies are using chemical weapons – and who gave them the chemical weapons – but also why these “friendly” jihadists are attacking Cameron’s other allies, the Kurds, all during a ceasefire.
An excerpt from, "Who’s behind alleged Aleppo chemical weapons attack?" RT, March 9, 2016:
The Syrian government has no access to chemical weapons after it destroyed its arsenal, while many radical groups, including ISIS, may still have them and may use them seeking to break up the ceasefire and get back to war, said former FBI agent Coleen Rowley. 
The Kurdish People's Protection Units said they came under a chemical weapons attack on Tuesday, allegedly launched by several Islamist opposition groups in the city of Aleppo. The YPG released unverified footage showing what is believed to be cloud of yellow phosphorous. Kurdish forces didn’t mention ISIS or Al-Nusra among those armed radical groups.