March 20, 2016

"The EU-Turkey deal will not stop refugees. Smugglers will use Libya and the Black Sea..."

In the words of Donald Trump The Magnificent, the EU-Turkey refugees deal is a "terrible, terrible deal."

An excerpt from, "‘For a Song’: Turks Buying Up Migrants’ Property in Syria" Veterans Today, March 20, 2016:
He said that Syrians were forced to sell their property to Turks and criminals who take them to Greece.

“This needs to be investigated because property is being snapped up to create Turkish enclaves inside Syria,” the Greek MEP emphasized.

Notis Marias also criticized the EU’s decision to negotiate with Turkey, which he said was lending support to Daesh terrorists and was responsible for the migrant crisis the European countries are now grappling with.
An excerpt from, "Dangerous Route: Why Turkey-EU Deal on Refugees Makes No Sense" Sputnik News, March 20, 2016:
“The disagreement only comes into force on the March 20, so the assumption is that those people will somehow be absorbed into the EU but that raises some very serious questions. Refugees that are in Turkey, at the moment Turkish authorities don’t have a comprehensive plan for them. There are 2.7 million Syrian refugees in Turkey alone, only 10% are in organized camps, those people will try to get into the EU after this deal and they will probably take a more dangerous route,” Jenkins said.

"The refugees are not being made welcome here. There is no comprehensive plan for them. They are not being given a reason to stay and in many cases they are being made to feel unwelcome in Turkey,” the analyst concluded.
Video Title: "The EU-Turkey deal will not stop refugees. Smugglers will use Libya and the Black Sea..." Source: Paolo Zeriali. Date Published: March 15, 2016. Description: 
Izzy Ellis, a British student who has recently visited the place where refugees leave to reach Greece, blames the agreement also for the disrespect of human rights in Turkey.
"Turkey isn't a safe country, we've just seen the third bombing in Ankara in the last six months. They're not a member of the Geneva Conventions. They're not a signatory of the 1951 Refugee Rights, which was introduced after the Holocaust to protect refugees on the European borders. And the deal just doesn't make any sense. For every refugee that makes it to Greece, one will be sent over from Turkey to Greece, so it will actually be in the interest of Turkish authorities to see smugglers make the journey. And if they don't, the smugglers will find other ways. We've seen Syrians go through the Arctic route to Norway, the Libya-Italy route will be used more, the Black Sea will be used as a route. The smugglers will not stop, and the people will not stop coming because they have a dream and they are resilient, incredible people that have faced horrendous things." - Izzy Ellis.