March 28, 2016

Is Islam compatible to Europe?

"Protesters chanting far-right slogans disrupted a peaceful remembrance for terrorism victims on Sunday in central Brussels. A police spokesman said the protesters were soccer hooligans." (Source: The New York Times).

Title: Is Islam compatible to Europe? Source: Initiatives Of Change. Date Published: May 26, 2015. Description:
Many in Europe think that Islam is not welcome in Europe, but are afraid to say this out loud. The profiled British Imam Ajmal Masroor believes that it is the Muslim's responsibility to both listen to and respond to this. How can we bridge the growing cultural and religious divides in the Norwegian society?

Organizers: Initiatives of Change, Think tank Skaperkraft, think tank Minotenk. Debate leader: Vebjørn L Horsfjord.

Panel debate with Imam Ajmal Masroor, UK, Espen Ottosen, Think tank Skaperkraft, Linda Alzghari, Minotenk, Ervin Kohn, Jewish Community, The Norwegian Centre against Racism.

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