March 30, 2016

Iraqi Army Flees The Mosul Battle, And Loot Villages On Their Way Out

An excerpt from, "Iraq’s Offensive Near Mosul Collapsing in the Face of Mass Desertions: Locals Accuse Army of Looting Early in Offensive" By Jason Ditz,, March 29, 2016:
Less than a week ago, Iraqi officials were touting a new military offensive against some villages near Mosul as a major sign of progress in the war against ISIS, and their success in taking three villages was proof of ISIS being “in retreat.”

 Today that offensive is stalled outright, on the brink of collapse, as low morale has many Iraqi troops leaving their positions, with Kurdish officials who were involved in the fighting saying the army “have no will to fight.
 US officials are downplaying the concerns, insisting that the Iraqi troops are performing up to expectations. Locals are complaining that the troops showed up, looted their villages, and then just left, insisting they are no better than ISIS.
ISIS is better than the Iraqi army because at least they have the will and courage to fight, however brutally and barbarically. The Iraqi army is hopeless and shameless. Only fools rely upon it to take anything.