March 7, 2016

Back To Step One? ISIS Terrorists Are Defecting To The "FSA" To Get Around The Ceasefire

An excerpt from, "Syria: Phantom "Rebels" Return from the Dead" by Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer Report, March 7, 2016:
The BBC had dressed up a terrorist commander in FSA regalia for an interview - but included footage of the commander in the field operating under clearly terrorist banners. It was but an individual example of what it appears the West is doing now on a much larger scale - playing dress-up to save its immense but now stranded terrorist hordes.

During early victories against the West's proxy forces, Al Qaeda and ISIS militants would dress as women to flee the battlefield. Now, they are dressing up as the otherwise nonexistent "FSA."

Will the West expect Syria and its allies to negotiate with this phantom army operating under a fictional banner? For Syria and its allies, what the West is doing is a clear violation of the spirit of the ceasefire and of upcoming peace talks. It is also a reaffirmation of the West's disingenuous commitment to fighting terrorism - clearly using it as a tool to fight its battles for it,  to serve as a pretext for intervening when terrorism alone cannot achieve an objective, and then, when all else fails, covering up entire legions of terrorists so that they can live to fight another day.