March 3, 2016

A Hillary Clinton Presidency Will Mean Armageddon

Every Syrian should be praying for a Trump presidency. If the wicked witch is elected she will ravage their country more than ISIS ever could and lay siege to everything that lives.

An excerpt from, "Neocon Armchair Warhawks Panic Over Trump Foreign Policy" by Daniel McAdams,, March 3, 2016:
So in Politico today, Michael Crowley writes that the “Neocons Declare War on Trump.” How do they propose to prosecute their war? As usual, with their well-known bravery. They are planning a mass exodus from the Republican Party to support their sister-in-arms Hillary Clinton, who as president plans to change the official motto of the United States from “In God We Trust” to “We Came, We Saw, He Died.”

Tomorrow the neocons plan to launch their version of a nuclear missile – the dreaded “strongly-worded letter” – to warn Republican voters that if they continue to flirt with the foreign policy apostate Trump, the neocons will take their toys and go home to the Democratic Party. Republican voters at that point are supposed to wail and gnash their teeth at the prospect of supporting a party without bloodsucking neocons calling the shots.

Leading the strongly-worded letter campaign is Dov Zakheim, who as George W. Bush’s Comptroller of the Pentagon somehow lost track of a trillion or so dollars. It’s a safe bet Zakheim is not spending his retirement from government service in a double-wide trailer somewhere. Top military officers will retire, screams Zakheim, if under Trump the US abandons the neocon vision of “American exceptionalism.” Perhaps so. And what would they do without enormously well-paid positions in the military-industrial complex to retire to?
Video Title:  Hillary's adventurism in foreign policy must be taken seriously - investigative journalist. Source: RT America. Date Published: March 2, 2016. Description: 
According to a Saudi Defense Minister, US Defense officials in the US-Lead coalition discussed sending ground troops into Syria. But given a Hillary Clinton presidency, what should we expect in Syria? To discuss is investigative journalist and historian Gareth Porter, who says that the 'history' of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State ought to be a larger focus. Porter details recent reports of Clinton's maneuvering in the Obama administration towards a policy of regime change in Libya, calling it "one of the worst disasters of a disastrous period in US history."