February 21, 2016

The European Refugee Crisis Will Get A Lot Worse With The Collapse of Egypt

The only good attribute about General Sisi is that he's not the Muslim Brotherhood. That's it. He's not a visionary leader that many people were expecting and hoping. His country is reliant on Saudi aid, which won't last, is in lockstep with Israel's policy in Palestine, which is highly unpopular, and is on the brink of starving. Egypt is "the world’s largest importer of wheat."

And to make matters worse this dumb ass is rolling with limousines and red carpets. Politically, Sisi is an idiot. His only stroke of genius was putting the people onto the streets and forcing the unpopular Morsi out of power. Ever since then it's been nothing but downhill for his regime. And that trajectory doesn't look like it's going to stop.

Title: Cairo Human Rights Institute Director Compares Al-Sisi to Al-Assad, Warns: Egypt Will Fall. Source: MEMRITVVideos. Date Published: February 21, 2016. Description: 
Bahey El-Din Hassan, director of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, warned that Egypt's human rights violations - "unlawful killings, thousands of detentions, thousands of people being tortured, a disregard for freedom of thought, and a lack of real democratic rule" - were the same practices that had led Syria to its current fate. "Over the past two years, Egypt has taken the exact same course of countries that fall," he told France 24 TV, in an interview that aired on February 14.