February 16, 2016

MSM's Laughable Anti-Putin Propaganda Masks The Complexities of The War In Syria

Some fool suggested that Putin is the cause of World War III in an article for Forbes called, "Putin Threatens World War Again, This Time Over Syria: Will Turks And Saudis Call His Bluff?" Here's an excerpt:
Anyway, Americans voted for Obama to pull out. They’d had enough of the region. And the war would have stayed within the region, including the migrant problem, but for one thing – the ambitions of Putin. Not checking Putin sharply in Crimea, then Ukraine, compounding the indecision over Georgia, has indeed brought the world to the brink of total war.
Does this idiot believe the BS he writes? Why does he treat his readers like sleeping babies? This article is a good example why the mainstream media in the United States and the West is dead. They have insulted the public's intelligence for so long that they've forgotten how to do basic journalism.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey have threatened to invade Syria, after backing ISIS for half a decade, and this pathetic propagandist wants the world to get mad at Putin for kicking ISIS's ass. It's ridiculous. 

Putin is not a saviour, no leader of a state is, but the fact is that if it weren't for Putin ISIS would be in Damascus today slaughtering minorities and so-called infidels left and right.

Trump is right about ISIS being wild animals. It's not a racist thing to say. It's just a fact. That is how they act. They invaded and treated Syrian towns like a bunch of raiders and pillagers.

And as President Obama was dithering while Syria burned Putin showed up with a fire hose to not only take out the fire but chase the arsonists out of town.

Chasing ISIS out of Syria should only be step one.

Defeating ISIS and other Islamist terrorist groups is impossible without confronting NATO and its regional allies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Qatar, and Pakistan.

They created ISIS and continue to support its existence on numerous battlefields. They have went down a dark path from which there is no escape but total domination of their neighbours or surrender and humiliation.

In Syria, these bloodthirsty leaders have chosen not to surrender and apologize for the mayhem they have caused, but to raise the stakes, and inflict more suffering and destruction upon the country.

They foolishly believe that they will be immune from retaliation, or that they could spin the reality so as to appear as the victims and not the aggressors.

They tried to portray ISIS as moderate rebels for years but they failed because ISIS's own acts jeopardized this fanciful narrative.

And the lies have not stopped. In recent days, Turkish leaders have went out of their way to describe Russia, the Syrian army, and the YPG as terrorists and transgressors. Thankfully, no one takes their words seriously.

The state sponsors of ISIS, whether in Ankara, Riyadh, or Washington, have been defeated on every battlefield because their positions are morally, intellectually, militarily, and politically wrong. Supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups has got them nowhere, but they still fail to see the error of their ways and the bankruptcy of their policies.