February 2, 2016

Libya Is About To Get A Lot Worse If ISIL Has Its Way

An excerpt from, "ISIL building ‘army of the poor’ in Libya by offering African recruits up to $1,400" by Colin Freeman, The Telegraph, February 2, 2016:
ISIL is building an “army of the poor” in its new haven in Libya by recruiting footsoldiers from Africa’s poorest nations, intelligence chiefs have warned.

The terror group’s Libyan chapter is swelling its ranks by offering cash bounties of up to $1,400 to people from impoverished neighbouring countries such as Chad, Mali and Sudan to join them. In countries where many earn less than $2 a day, even a few hundred dollars is the equivalent of a year’s salary.

Libyan officials admit that they are almost powerless to stop the incomers, many of whom reach Libya using existing people-smuggling routes used by African migrants heading to Europe.
Col. Ismail Shukri, head of military intelligence in Misrata, said that around 70 per cent of ISIL’s army in Sirte was made up of non-Libyans.

“The majority… are Tunisians, while the rest are made up mostly of Sudanese, Egyptians and then people from the Sub-Saharan countries stretching from Chad and Nigeria, along with a few from Algeria and the Gulf,” he said.

“Sadly, we have big open borders and long open areas, and through the routes for illegal immigration, we now have all this ideology coming through.”
An excerpt from, "Ayesha Gaddafi as a new leader of resistance against NATO and the Libyan terrorists" by Maja Orlic, South Front, February 1, 2016:
She is back! The daughter of Muammar Gaddafi will lead the resistance against NATO and the other Libyan terrorists. Ayesha stated that she is now the leader of the resistance and she is about to create a new secret government.

Ayesha Gaddafi become the new leader of the resistance at a crucial moment for the country – on the eve of the new NATO intervention. As a Lieutenant General of the Libyan army she swore loyalty to order her legendary father and urged Libyans to wake up in order to win, to be successful and to “return the Jamahiriya government”.

Ayesha Gaddafi guarantees that in the next few months she will form a “secret government” of “famous Libyans,” who are loyal to Gaddafi and that will act as a mediator in Libya and abroad. Analyzing the current situation she criticized the former army because of “a crazy mix of anarchists” who decided to wage war on a principle “I fight for whoever pays me more.”