January 15, 2016

Turkey Seeks to Become New Ottoman Empire with sultan Erdogan

Political Islamists wreck shop wherever they assume power. Recent history has proven this over and over again. It's sad to see the United States government assist their rise to power in Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and across the region rather than discourage it.

An excerpt from, "The US is considering a new plan for Syria — and the Kurds 'will not be happy about it'" by Natasha Bertrand, Business Insider, January 14, 2016:
The Pentagon is weighing a new request from Turkey to train and equip Arab rebels battling government forces in northern Syria, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.
A newly empowered, US-backed Arab rebel brigade aimed at enabling larger groups of Arab forces fighting in Syria would presumably serve as a counterweight to Kurdish territorial ambitions in the north. That's according to Aaron Stein, a Turkey expert and senior resident fellow at the Atlantic Council who spoke with Business Insider on Wednesday.

That, in turn, would allow the US-led anti-ISIS coalition to stem the YPG's advances — a primary concern for Turkey — without sacrificing ongoing efforts to seal off Turkey's southern border to jihadists.

"Whether the YPG will actually listen to the US is a different story. But the US is effectively telling the YPG to observe Turkey's red line," Stein said, referring to the Turkish leadership's insistence that the Kurds remain east of the Euphrates.
Video Title: Turkey Seeks to Become New Ottoman Empire with sultan Erdogan. Source: Russia Insider. Date Published: January 7, 2016.