January 29, 2016

Germany Should Not Carry Shame And Guilt For WWII

Long Live Germany.

It is irrational and stupid for the German nation and the German people to carry shame and guilt for WWII, or, even more ridiculously, to carry shame and guilt for a genocide of the Jewish race that never happened. Six million Jews were not killed by Germans. And no amount of propaganda and brainwashing will ever convince the truth-loving people of the planet otherwise.

The Holocaust was a fabricated event and a big historical lie just like the false flag events of 9/11. Any honest historian or researcher with integrity will admit this. But, sadly, there are few of those around in the West, or the world, due to fears of persecution by mainstream voices.

In the textbooks we were given in school we were presented with the cartoonish lie that only Adolf Hitler and only Nazi Germany were responsible for the raising of hostilities and the break out of war in 1939. We were also brainwashed into believing that Germany was solely responsible for WWI.

Baloney. All of it. Not a word of it was true.

Even the most rudimentary of research puts this worldview and this history into question. Germany was not an aggressor under Hitler. Far from it. It wanted peace. Hitler went out of his way in many instances to reach out to Federal Reserve-controlled America, England, Communist Russia, etc to avoid war. But he was too naive. The mass-murdering bastards had other plans. Churchill and FDR played Hitler.

Hitler did some great things for Germany that even his lying detractors can't deny, like giving workers more rights and turning Germany into an economic powerhouse after the banksters left it in ruins in the Great Depression.

So the idea that Hitler was the personification of all evil in this world is anti-intellectual, anti-truth and anti-historical bullshit. The chief political villains of the WWII drama were Churchill and FDR and their bastard bankster backers. Anyone who has seriously studied the archives of WWII history, such as WWII veteran Robert Stinnett in his book 'Day of Deceit', know that the FDR administration was itching for war with both Germany and Japan, and did everything possible to get a response from them. FDR provoked the Japanese empire. That's what the historical evidence shows.

But why is knowing this history so important? Why should we reach out to Germans and persuade them to rethink their past? Because they deserve to lift the collective weight of shame and guilt off of their shoulders. Under the weight of shame and guilt for WWII and the Holocaust Germany has been pursuing very irrational and destructive policies such as bringing in millions of Arab and Muslim refugees which has created disorder and unrest.

Germany should not pursue humanitarian policies regarding the Syrian refugee crisis out of feelings of guilt and shame, or give nuclear submarines to Israel for the same reasons. These kinds of policies, though admirable in some ways, are nonetheless irrational, destructive, and flat out stupid. They do not originate from a place of reason or sound public policy but irrational guilt.

Germany never was a nation of murderers or genocidal mindless soldiers. It's time for humanity to collectively say to Germany: get rid of your shame and guilt for WWII and the fabricated event called the Holocaust. Enough is enough. Turn the page of history once and for all.