November 10, 2015

The Global Islamic Caliphate: Brought To You By The CIA And The U.S. State Department

IMDB - Killing Ed (2015):
KILLING ED is an exposé about the corruption, politics and anti-democratic efforts to privatize U.S. public schools. The documentary investigates the worst case scenario: a rapidly expanding, taxpayer-funded, Texas-based charter school network - America's largest - operated by a global Islamic organization known as the Gülen Movement.
An excerpt from, "Exclusive: FBI Whistleblower and Teacher Expose Islamic Gülen Movement Infiltrating U.S. Through Charter Schools" by Joshua Cook, Truth In Media, July 28, 2014:
In the United States, many of the Gülen schools have long waiting lists. But that comes at a price for our American teachers:

“Our tax dollars are paying for them to come over here and take our jobs,” said Mary Addi, a teacher.

“They want to give you the impression that they’re just hard-working guys over here to try and educate our kids, because American teachers are just too stupid.”

According to Addi, those Turkish teachers’ visa applicants oddly include English teachers. Gülen brings in foreign teachers and then takes a cut of their salary. She learned this after marrying a Turkish teacher. She said that after he was paid. He’d cash the check and return 40% of his salary back to the school for a secret fund used by the movement.

These allegations have caused the U.S. government to investigate for immigration fraud as well as misuse of taxpayer money. It has also caused many to wonder about the actual intent of the Gülen school.

According to a secret U.S. government document released by Wikileaks, “Deep and widespread doubts remain, however, about his (Gülen) movement’s ultimate intentions.  We have anecdotal evidence of the pressure that the various circles of his  movement put on people they have drawn in, for instance severe pressure on businessmen to continue to give money to support Gülenist schools or other activities.  We have multiple reliable reports that the Gülenists use their school network (including dozens of schools in the U.S.) to cherry-pick students they think are susceptible to being molded as proselytizers and we have steadily heard reports about how the schools indoctrinate boarding students."
An excerpt from, "Video: U.S. Apache Attack Helicopter Follows Behind ISIS Convoy … Doesn’t Fire a Single Shot" Washington's Blog, November 9, 2015:
This video from LiveLeak purports to be an Apache attack helicopter following a huge ISIS convoy of white pickup trucks crossing from Iraq to Syria … and – instead of attacking – more or less “escorting” it across the border:
Video Title: Is Your Child Being Trained by an Islamic State? Source: The Alex Jones Channel. Date Published: November 10, 2015. Description: 
The largest Charter School network in the US, receiving over $500 Million in taxpayer money annually is being run by an Islamic cleric, Fetaullah Gulen, exiled from Turkey in 1999 for trying to establish an Islamic State, a transnational caliphate. Is he educating your child? Are you paying for him to educate your neighbor’s children.

We interview filmmaker Mark Hall, producer and director of “Killing Ed”, an investigative documentary on Charter Schools, corruption and the Gulen movement.