September 29, 2015

Taliban Back In Charge

Washington isn't fighting a war in Afghanistan. It's harvesting opium crops. If it was serious about defeating the Taliban it wouldn't take fourteen years. Real wars don't take this long to finish. They just don't. World War II took four years because it was a real war. Also, having child rapists and petty warlords as your main allies isn't a smart strategy.

The fact of the matter is that NATO and America have no moral ground to stand on in Afghanistan. They make the Taliban look like the good guys, which is hard to pull off. And what is their biggest victory in fourteen years? The supposed assassination of Bin Laden? When your single biggest claimed victory in the war is killing an insignificant man without providing proof of his dead body or footage of his capture then you have a lot to explain to your public and the world.

An excerpt from, "Taliban Captures Major North Afghan City of Kunduz" by Jason Ditz,, September 28, 2015:
The Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed that defenses in the city had “collapsed” in the face of the latest offensive, and while they’re talking up a counteroffensive to try to retake the city, the Taliban have wasted no time in capturing all the significant buildings in the city, and are moving on the airport.

They also captured the city’s main prison, releasing hundreds of Taliban forces that had been held there, who will now be reinforcing the Taliban defense of the city. This is the second major prison break the Taliban has done in the last month.
Taliban Seize Control of Afghan Stronghold, Kunduz