August 2, 2015

Pakistan And Turkey Are Headed To Ruin Under Their Current Pro-Jihadist Governments

An excerpt from, "Pakistan, Turkey agree to enhance counter-terrorism cooperation", August 1, 2015:
ISLAMABAD: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met in Islamabad Saturday and agreed to enhance counter-terrorism cooperation aimed at fighting the possible threat from militant group Islamic State and other such organisations. 
The two leaders also discussed the enhancement of bilateral relations, besides global and international issues of mutual interest. 
According to Radio Pakistan, PM Nawaz said there are vast opportunities to expand trade ties between Pakistan and Turkey, and also expressed satisfaction over progress in promoting defence ties between the two countries. 
Erdogan landed in Islamabad along with his wife Saturday evening for a brief stopover on his way back from Indonesia. He was received by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Begum Kulsoom Nawaz at the Nur Khan base.
Turkey and Pakistan have trained, assisted, protected, and cultivated Jihadist terrorist groups like ISIS and the Taliban against their neighbours, Syria and Afghanistan, as well as against separatist ethnic minorities in their own countries.

The acts of inhumanity and brutality committed by the NATO-aligned Turkish and Pakistani governments towards dissidents, minorities, journalists, and opposition political groups are covered up under the blanket provided by the U.S. narrative of the "war on terrorism."

They make the perfect partners.

Plus, they know they can get away with their war crimes because Washington is giving them weapons, money, and diplomatic support.

But, will that always be the case?

Probably not.

So it's a good thing they are teaming up. But their cooperation isn't against the forces of terrorism. It is against the voices of democracy and freedom. And that is why they are both headed to ruin.