July 16, 2015

ISIS (Aka Israel-Saudi-Turkey Axis) Is The Big Loser of U.S.-Iran Detente

It's very interesting to see that the biggest critics of the P5 plus 1-Iran nuclear deal are also the biggest, though silent, supporters of ISIS and other Jihadist terrorist movements in the Middle East.

Newspapers like The Washington Post give a platform to an ISIS ideologue one day and bash the U.S-Iran deal the next. These moronic clowns are not even trying to hide their villainy anymore. They're making their beds with terrorists who kidnap Christian priests, rape captured women and slaughter children for sport. And they're ripping a deal that has the potential of boosting the prospects of peace, trade, cultural exchange, and friendship.

It's surprising and encouraging to see the leaderships of the U.S. and Iran move towards pragmatism and form a new relationship based on compromise. What's not surprising is seeing the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Israel literally lose their minds.

Hopefully they will sober up and join the league of rational and responsible states sooner rather than later. But, realistically speaking, they'll just continue to support ISIS, bomb Yemen to pieces, stage false flag attacks around the world, and make life hell for the countries and peoples around them.

They're expending so much energy and money to destroy the countries around them. And for what?

Israel and Saudi Arabia really think they're luxurious and secure islands on another planet, safe from the consequences of their vicious and evil policies. They're operating on the delusion that they can get away with supporting ISIS terrorism forever. But nothing lasts forever.