July 30, 2015

Death To NATO. Death To Turkey. Death To ISIS. Death To EU. Death To America.

 The four horsemen riding the ISIS apocalypse: Erdogan, Cameron, the NATO asshole whose name doesn't matter, and Obama. They will all get slayed by the sword of time and the arrows of justice.

An excerpt from, "Nato backs Turkey on fighting Islamic State, PKK" Eyewitness News, July 29, 2015:
Nato gave Turkey its full political support in fighting militants in Syria and Iraq at an emergency meeting on Tuesday but several nations urged Ankara not to undermine the Kurdish peace process by using excessive military force.

Following a 90-minute meeting in Brussels, Turkey won the backing it sought for stepping up its role in the US-led fight against Islamic State with air strikes.

Ankara made no request to its 27 allies for military help and Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg noted that it had the second-largest army in the alliance.

Instead, the meeting heard how Turkey was carrying out President Tayyip Erdogan’s sudden change in strategy against Islamic State - an al Qaeda breakaway that controls swathes of Syria and Iraq - and Kurdish militants based in Iraq.

“We all stand united in condemning terrorism, in solidarity with Turkey,” Stoltenberg told a news conference.
Stoltenberg why are you lying? NATO, America, Europe, and Turkey are the real terrorists.

Turkey isn't going after ISIS with these air strikes. It helped create ISIS.

Turkey, ISIS, America, and NATO will lose their immoral fight against the PKK. It is only a matter of time. Patience, honour, and strength are on the side of the PKK and the Kurdish people, not the ISIS supporters in Ankara, Washington, and Brussels.

NATO and ISIS will be destroyed together.