May 15, 2015

All We Need To Know About The Fairytale Bin Laden Raid

"No ticky no laundry," a line from the film, 'The Departed.' For the Bin Laden raid, it should be said, "no body, no story."
"If, as Hersh reports, lies comprise 99% of Washington’s tale of the raid in Abbottabad, why believe that 1% of the story is true and that bin Laden was killed. It is difficult to have murder without a body. The only evidence that bin Laden was killed is the government’s claim." - Paul Craig Roberts, "Seymour Hersh Succumbs To Disinformation," May 11, 2015.
The Bin Laden raid is first and foremost a murder investigation. They claimed they killed a man. Okay. Let's see the body. The fact that the Obama administration has not produced a body in over four years is proof that its official story is a fairy tale. What's even more insulting is that they said that they dumped the body in the sea because it is an Islamic custom, taking the world for suckers and treating us all like retards.

They want us to live in a world of fantasies and fairy tales invented by them for their own political convenience and credibility. This is the tyranny of the tooth fairy. But the U.S. government's tooth fairy does not leave money under your pillow. It leaves piles and piles of debt. And when the American public finally wakes up to discover that they were sleeping on piles and piles of debt all this time they will want to suffocate themselves back to sleep using the same pillow of fairy tales.

The only way out is to elect someone honest in 2016 who is not a democrat or republican, someone who will reduce the massive debt with drastic action, someone who will smash the pillow of fairy tales. Debt, not scapegoat Bin Laden, not radical Islam, not manufactured ISIS, is the real threat to America's long-term security.

And the threat will grow because the Obama administration decided to raid a ghost's shack and raise the debt, thereby hurting America's and the world's economic recovery.