May 13, 2015

Aljazeera Arabic: Should We Kill All Alawites?

In Syria, manufactured terrorist groups like ISIS are doing the killing and media propaganda channels like Al-Jazeera are doing the story-telling. But they are not the ones who should be held responsible in the court of world opinion for the senseless bloodshed. If there is a genocide of Alawites, Druze, and Christians in Syria in the aftermath of a regime collapse, those who will deserve the most blame will be Saudi Arabia, the United States, England, France, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, NATO, and Israel. They have looked away from the Armenian genocide, so the genocide of another people like the Alawites means nothing to them.

The host of Al-Jazeera's Arabic channel incited the genocide of the Alawites of Syria live on air in the video below. This is nothing new. We've known for years that upon a regime collapse in Syria there will be a mass slaughter of Alawites, Christians, Druze and other minorities by the foreign-backed cannibals and Islamist terrorists. But the clip below is so shocking because the person making the threats and calling for genocide is not a bearded ISIS idiot, but a clean-shaven television host in a suit and tie.

The host is so sure that he is in the right. He says that millions of viewers have called for the extermination of Alawites via online polls. Whether that's true or not is another story. It probably isn't, but even if it is, it just means that they've been successfully brainwashed by Al Jazeera with its sectarian propaganda.

Channels like Al-Jazeera have put a lot of time, energy, and money into making ordinary Sunnis in the Muslim world hate Christians, Jews, Shiites, and then act surprised when they join ISIS. The biggest victims of their pro-terrorism and pro-genocide policies will be themselves. Qatar and Saudi Arabia think they are safe from the terrorism they have created in Syria, Libya, and elsewhere, but big daddy U.S. won't be there to protect them forever.

And there is no question that if the Assad regime falls many small sects and minorities in Syria like the Druze, Christians, and Alawites will be targeted indiscriminately, regardless of their military status or their position in the regime, by the Saudi-US-Israeli-Qatari-British-French-Turkish-Jordanian backed thugs and terrorists who see themselves as the purist of Muslims. Anyone who doubts that at this point has not been paying any attention to Syria.

The hosts of Al-Jazeera English in the West have a little more logic, intelligence, and humanity than their counterparts in Arabia, but not by much. They too have stoked the fires of sectarianism and sold propaganda about the wars in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and other countries in their Washington and London studios. So they will not be able to avoid blame if there is a genocide of Alawites and other minorities in the aftermath of a regime collapse in Damascus.

Will this subject be brought up at the U.S.-GCC clown summit at Camp David? Hell no.

Video Title: Aljazeera Arabic: Should We Kill All Alawites? Source: IraqEnglish. Date Published: May 9, 2015.

Comments From The YouTube Comment Section:
"This channel has been supporter of terrorism since 2000. It should be criminalized."

"All the progressive idiots in Europe and America that love Al Jazeera need to watch this."

"This is some sick shit,  they are sitting in Qatar in an airconditioned room with All the luxury in the world, threatening to slaughter millions of alawites and Shia, they don't look like Isis or alqaeda, they are worse, This is pure sunni islam, i either rule or kill"

"The only people that should be exterminated in Syria are ISIS  and al Qaeda and their western supported allies. Such talk warrants intervention by the Syrian government's allies. As an American I do not want to see religious minorities like the Alawites, Druze, and Christians genocided  by our enemies in Syria. I do not support the actions of my government in Syria. The host of this show should be brought up on charges of incitement of genocide and put in the dock at the Hague."