March 13, 2015

They Eat You Up And Spit You Out

Apparently Libyan ISIS leader Abdelhakim Belhadj, who the U.S., UK, and NATO supported in their war against Gaddafi, didn't get the memo from Nabeel Naiem, a former al-Qaeda super agent and Egyptian jihadist who fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Naiem regretted his involvement in American-sponsored jihad in Afghanistan and has said on record in multiple interviews throughout the Arab world that the jihadists fighting in Syria and elsewhere are U.S. pawns who will be used up and dropped dead once their usefulness expires.

Here is a quote from one of his interviews: "You are a tool utilized for colonial purposes, and once your task is over and the war ends, the same thing that was done to us will be done to you. It's either being killed or going back to prison. For we have spent 20 years in Hosni Mubarak's prisons as a result of the war in Afghanistan. . . I tell them: You will be slaughtered once the Syrian problem is over. America never supports the Islamists except whenever it is something that benefits it. Afterwards, it gets rid of them as it did with us in Afghanistan. You are being played with and after that you will be gotten rid of. This is an experience that we have lived in Afghanistan."

In another interview, Naiem said: "If Muslim Brotherhood settles in Egypt, they’ll start exporting problems to the Gulf (GCC) through their existing cells, and destabilize the security of the Gulf, and this is what Dhahi Khalfan, head of national security in UAE said, not what I say."