March 31, 2015

False Predictions About Course of The War In Yemen; Pakistan Army's Tradition As Mercenaries; Unreliability Of Middle East Experts On TV

The Al-Qaeda terrorists in Yemen will be rebranded in the media as rebels fighting against the new bad guys the Houthis.

Angry Arab - The same people who had predicted to you that Bashshar would fall next week are now stating that Huthis have been defeated already:
It is over after two days only:  "“I think they’re losing this battle,” Khatib said of the Houthis". Mark your calender.

Angry Arab - Pakistani army for hire:
Pakistani Army has been hired for internal repression in Arab countries before.  Don't forget that the tyrant Zia Ul-Haq served in Jordan during Black September alongside Jordanian regime troops in the massacres of Palestinians.

Angry Arab -  Experts in US media about Saudi war on Yemen:
There are two groups of experts being cited in mainstream US media: 1) the usual suspects of WINEP who are never identified as they should as being part of a research arm of the Israeli lobby; 2) experts with ties to the Saudi regime. One expert in fact works for the Saudi Ministry of Interior and yet is identified as "Middle East expert".