February 15, 2015

Houthi Leader Threatens to Harm Western Interests in Yemen

Poor, hungry, revolutionary Yemenis vs. Rich, corrupt, decadent Saudis and Gulf princes. I've got my money on the former. This will not even be a contest.

Title: Houthi Leader Threatens to Harm Western Interests in Yemen. Source: MEMRI TV. Date Published: February 15, 2015. Description:
In a recent TV address, Abd Al-Malik Al--Houthi, leader of the Yemeni “Ansar Allah” movement, threatened to harm the interests of foreign powers such as the U.S., France, and Britain in Yemen. “The same powers that are upset now and create confusion will be harmed should they choose to toy with our economy,” he said, adding: The Yemeni people will not stand idly by.” The address aired on Mayadeen TV on February 11, 2015.
"Any attempt to sow chaos or to harm this country will have ramifications upon the interests of these powers. Don't think that the others can exert pressure on this people or target its economy without their own interests being harmed. Whoever harms the interests of this country might have its own interests in this country harmed as well.

On the other hand, those who deal with our country in a positive manner, and who respect the will of this people, our people will definitely respect their legitimate interests." - Leader of the Houthis.