February 8, 2015

Fear of Shiite Power Has Led Stupid Gulf Monarchies To Finance An Army of Crazy Barbarians

"That mix of fatalism and resolve is typical of Iraqi Shiites, who never deserved the fanatical label imposed on them by Saddam. But collectively, this underclass unleashed and empowered by the U.S. occupation is also the single most revolutionary new force in the region. Guided by their ayatollahs, they can show enormous discipline, whether marching in protest, fighting in the streets--or voting. If they remain grateful to the United States and friendly to its interests, they will be potent allies. If not, the whole adventure in Iraq could come to a disastrous end. 
Indeed, fear of Shiite power was one of the reasons the first President George Bush decided in 1991 that he wouldn't occupy Iraq, wouldn't bring down Saddam and wouldn't even interfere when the dictator slaughtered tens of thousands of Shiites who rebelled. Administration officials concluded then that giving power to Iraqi Shiites would bolster Shiite ayatollahs in neighboring Iran, who'd declared the United States the Great Satan. Shiite strength in Iraq would threaten America's key ally in the region, Saudi Arabia, by encouraging dissent among Shiites in the oil-rich eastern province. Iraqi Shiites might also support the Shiite organization Hizbullah, which was waging a war of attrition against Israel in South Lebanon, and was still holding American hostages in 1991. 
Now, clearly, that calculus has changed, and it's left some old allies puzzled. "We do not understand this American business of having friends, then calling them enemies and [calling] the enemies friends," says one influential Saudi prince." - Christopher Dickey, "Shiites Unbound" Newsweek, February 29, 2004.
The Shiites are Batman. The Gulf rulers are the mob bosses. And ISIS is the Joker. But, sadly, this isn't a movie. The craziness that the Sunni Gulf monarchies have unleashed in Syria and Iraq has already backfired against them. The mindless and terrorist killers they've employed will come to destroy their own shitty kingdoms.

The Gulf oil kingdoms can deal pain, but they won't be able to take it. They're too used to luxuries and security. If a tenth of the terrorists that have been send to Syria to bring down Assad were instead directed at Saudi Arabia the Saudi monarchy would collapse very quickly. Who knows, ISIS might even be greeted as liberators.

If they want terrorism, they will get it. There are enough ISIS terrorists to go around for all in the Middle East, they won't always be focusing their poisonous venom on the Shiites, the Christians and the Kurds. If the Saudis and other Sunni Gulf monarchies haven't woken up by now to the errors of their ways, they won't ever wake up.

Title: Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Nafisi: If I Was in Iraq, I Would Pledge Allegiance to the Islamic State. Source: MEMRI TV. Date Published: February 5, 2015. Description: 
In a recent TV interview, Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Nafisi said: "If I were one of those oppressed Sunnis in a village STORMED by the Shiite [militia], and I saw the women and children being slaughtered, I would not object to pledging allegiance to the Islamic State," he said. The interview aired on the Saudi Safa TV channel on January 17, 2015.