February 9, 2015

Bill Warner, PhD: Sacred Deception -- Taqiyya

Two of the most powerful modern Muslims, Ayatollah Khomeini and President Barack Hussein Obama, are well-known for their big deceptions. As politically ambitious men, they told lies to the people to reach the high seat of power.

The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood also weaselled and deceived their way into power in Egypt after the revolution in 2011. How can they live with themselves? As you'll find in the video below, their religion soothes their conscience. Islam allows deception and lies.

It seems the Prophet Muhammad was more Machiavellian than Machiavelli himself. But deception is not a Muslim thing or a religious thing. It is a human thing and a power thing. All heads of states in the world today lie, and they lie to their own people above all. The nature of the state does not matter. They lie about the economy, war, corruption, you name it.

Does that make heads of states evil men? The better, and more interesting, question is why do people blindly follow their words like scripture? Why do people follow leaders who lie to them over and over again? Do they recognize their deceptions? Do they care?

Modern governments have found it easer to pass off grand deceptions as historical facts thanks to the vast resources at their disposal, from the secretive intelligence agencies to the obedient mass media. You take that technology of deception and mix it with a religion of deception, and you get deception overload.

Political Islamic governments and movements know that they have to deceive to get political power and stay in power. ISIS is the perfect example. ISIS broadcasts a lot of lies, whether about their military movements, political strategy, power projection capabilities, targets, everything. When they were trying to take Kobani in Northeastern Syria they put out lies through social media every other day. They lied about how they took the city from the YPG at least ten to twenty times. But, their deceptions didn't work in this case.

Bill Warner, PhD: Sacred Deception -- Taqiyya. Source: Bill Warner. Date Published: November 14, 2014. Description:
Islamic ethics include deceiving the Kafir. The doctrine of deception is found in the Sunna and the Koran. The Arabic name for sacred deception is called taqiyya.