January 14, 2015

Mossad, CIA, And French Deep State Linked To Charlie Hebdo Events, As The Official Story Crumbles Like A Pack of Dust

According to an Israeli television report, French President Hollande did not want Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to attend the historic Paris March to honour the Charlie Hebdo victims. Read more about it here.


An excerpt from, "Who ordered the attack against Charlie Hebdo" by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, January 10, 2015:
Indeed, members or sympathizers of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda or Daesh would not be content to just kill atheist cartoonists; they would have first destroyed the archives of the newspaper on site, following the model of all their actions in North Africa and the Levant. For jihadists, the first duty is to destroy the objects that they believe offend God, and to punish the "enemies of God."

Similarly, they would not have immediately retreated, fleeing the police, without completing their mission. They would rather have completed their mission, were they to die on the spot.

In addition, videos and some evidence shows that the attackers are professionals. They wielded their weapons expertly and fired advisedly. They were not dressed in the fashion of the jihadists, but as military commandos.

How they dispatched a wounded policeman who posed no danger to them, certifies that their mission was not to "avenge Muhammad" because of the crass humor of Charlie Hebdo.
The ideology and strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and Daesh does not advocate the creation of civil war in the ’West’, but on the contrary to create it in the "East" and hermetically separate the two worlds. Never has Sayyid Qutb, nor any of his successors, called to provoke confrontation between Muslims and non-Muslims in the territories of the latter.
On the contrary, the strategy of the "clash of civilizations" was formulated by Bernard Lewis for the US National Security Council then popularized by Samuel Huntington not as a strategy of conquest, but as a predictable situation. [1] It aimed to persuade NATO member group populations of the inevitability of confrontation that preventively assumed the form of the "war on terrorism".
It is not in Cairo, Riyadh or Kabul that one advocates the "clash of civilizations", but in Washington and Tel Aviv. 
.The sponsors of the attack against Charlie Hebdo did not seek to satisfy jihadists or the Taliban, but neo-conservatives or liberal hawks.
An excerpt from, "Suspected Paris Shooter Lived With Underwear Bomber In Yemen" by Mikael Thalen, Infowars, January 12, 2015:
A veteran journalist out of Yemen revealed Sunday that one of the suspected Charlie Hebdo shooters briefly lived with now convicted underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab during an extended visit to the country in 2009.

Speaking with CNN, freelance journalist Mohammed al-Kibsi stated that Abdulmutallab lived in the same apartment as shooting suspect Said Kouachi prior to his failed airline bombing attempt in December 0f 2009.

The pair were reportedly roommates for around two weeks while attending the al-Tabari school, where Kouachi and Abdulmutallab prayed together frequently.

The startling revelation raises numerous questions in regards to France’s alleged inability to stop the Paris shooting, given not only Kouachi’s clear ties to terrorist groups, but Adbulmutallab’s ties to Western intelligence as well.

Following the failed Christmas day bombing in 2009, it was learned that Abdulmutallab had been allowed on the Detroit-bound plane despite having no passport and being on a terror watch list. 
Kurt Haskell, a passenger on the flight, stepped forward shortly after and announced that he had witnessed a “well dressed Indian man” successfully escorting Abdulmutallab through airport security.